User experience analysis a discussion of multi terminal screen features



we have gradually moved towards the multi terminal era, which is a challenge and an opportunity.

what can we do with the multi terminal screen? Where can we start,


below is about several features of multi terminal screen, and hope to discuss with you, and bring inspiration.


regardless of the device, time, or location, users want to get the same information or data from anywhere and at any terminal. The device can maintain data synchronization and management for users, and the information can be accessed or edited on a variety of device platforms at any time by the user. As a result, there are multiple terminal screen synchronization characteristics.


1.Kindle, you can interrupt the e-book reading at any time and switch to other devices to read, and the application will remember the last reading location.

2.icloud can automatically synchronize user calendars, contacts, documents, music, and photos to Apple’s servers, so that they can be kept up-to-date regardless of which device is used. Including the latest Power Nap, but also for timely data synchronization services. bookmark cloud sync

, 4.Dropbox and other cloud notes products.



The relevance of

multi terminal screens is the feature that is still available under different screens of multiple devices. Therefore, the product is required to have a good cross platform experience. For different devices and screen sizes, rearrange content, adapt the logical framework, and maintain consistency and unity as much as possible.


1.EverNote, can run on many platforms and devices (desktop applications, browser application, iPad and intelligent mobile phone client), and even in different applications and devices on the screen looks different, but still can provide users with a consistent experience.

2. video provider Netflix provides on-demand services for devices and specific televisions, tablets, laptops and smartphones from across the country.



is, in some cases, too much information. One screen does not have enough display space. Therefore, you need to combine multiple screens so that information can be rendered in full, so there are multiple terminals

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