On the corporate website management experience

as a small series of enterprise website editor, in the enterprise website operation, the process of learning and writing published, slowly summed up, the enterprise website management, now share with you, hope to help a friend want to do enterprise website marketing.

one, enterprise website should have proper keyword

, whether it’s an enterprise website or an individual portal, should find the right keywords based on the user experience. One of the disadvantages of an enterprise website is that the original content of the website is too small, so it is important to find a good keyword for the website. The key word should not be too long, but it should be attractive and easy to remember. At the same time, the site’s title, description, keyword, have to modify and keyword related description, this will help search engines Baidu spider crawl.

two, the chain and links are essential

search engines like Baidu keyword and it is focused on the chain, the chain general corporate website is small, to increase the chain to the site, to the same site comments, messages can use the keyword of the website name, this can improve the visibility of key words, the message can be brought to the site outside the chain a lot of. There is BBS promotion, choose high weight BBS to promotion, in the name of the station, use keywords, BBS signature to use keywords, and to the key word plus master link. QQ group promotion, stick it, post, etc, all can bring the article to the chain. Also note that the weight of each website enterprise website to find Links, or to find and their site types with the same number of sites, do not need too much, we are not looking for Links quantity, want quality.

three, use soft text to the web site to bring high quality of the chain,

an enterprise website whose content is original, unless it’s a new product launched by your website. You want someone else to come to your website, and every day is the same content, so long time, no one will come. So soft text became the web site access to the most effective method of the chain. Write a good soft Wen vote to the weight of the high web site, when reprinted, you will also increase the chain. At the same time write soft text can also add your keywords, this also can increase keywords heat.

four, the structure of the site construction to stabilize

affects ranking not only is the website outside the chain, the content of the website, at the same time the structure construction of the website is indispensable also. Website do not too fancy, to conform to the user experience, for enterprise website, to the home page display product information, this is the first thing customers want to see. At the same time, the space of the website should be stable, the website should be opened faster, and the host space should be chosen. Web site construction should also pay attention to the construction of the chain, the site should be reasonable, do not use text with images, links to similar products to do within the chain, sometimes more important than the chain, which can reduce your website jump out "

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