Murder CN domain name will cause to engage in the activities of network industry

due to the recent domestic domain name more than half a year to engage in activities that many people want to prepare for the net, which has caused a lot of the things worth considering, half as many years engaged in Internet operator to analyze the situation and the consequences. After you will understand more…

one, engaged in Internet crowd and mentality

currently engaged in the Internet crowd mainly young men mainly because they are very "dream", want to…

1. was caused by curiosity, including the desire to hear the story of overnight riches, and the desire for new things, including me,.

2. that is highly profitable, many people listen to other people say in the low cost of Internet, the threshold is low, especially in the domestic domain name advertise everywhere to buy international domain name domain name, CN sent 1 yuan to buy 5 yuan to buy a domain name, domain name and so on, is really a disaster caused by flooding water ad. It’s not a bad thing to let the local domain name be popularized. When many people in the unknown think it’s profitable, or they think the Internet is good to do, and so on.

3., because there are some customers want to take advantage of, this situation is relatively large, because that customers have everything, everything worry.

4. more overtime, a computer can be settled, relatively relaxed, that money easily

two, engaged in the real situation of the Internet

first ask how many Chinese in the Internet (here in the Internet refers to the use of their technology to help customers to provide technical services, consulting services or run their own website to help others flow advertising) people, it is estimated that 50000000 people are not as exaggerated, there are several Ma or Robin Li? Oh, not to say know.

1. personal webmaster do not have enough to eat, once someone with "get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than a dog, more tired than cow, eat worse than pig" to describe the Internet personal webmaster, also said the Internet grassroots webmaster, including just started in network services to small enterprises this is a true portrayal of a kind. Because to survive, because to do a lot of things, because to squeeze more time to do things, so compressed their own space for rest.

In the 2. network services company

(mainly refers to the website construction, website promotion, domain name registration, space rental etc.) faster than the collapse, many people invest in hundreds of thousands of There are plenty of people who then disappeared, a detailed analysis of the situation can click to enter my blog to see, had published. Don’t do it here.

The emergence of some inexpensive "intelligent building systems" on the

3. web site has made it possible for many people who really need web services to choose these things for cheap and wrong, these so-called system after service and >

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