The local web site should be how to conduct joint operations how total surplus and businesses

there are a lot of personal webmaster, and Lou Zhu the same, dream of relying on their own website to achieve the Chinese dream (house, car, family). But the reality is often cruel, and there are many websites, but none of them can make me eat.. I believe a lot of local webmaster and I encountered the same problem. So where’s our way out,


local websites want to make money, nothing more than selling advertising and selling products, but most of the webmaster has no source of goods, it has no chance to rely on the website to sell the product. The only way to do that is to sell ads..


sell advertising this idea is good, how should we attract manufacturers to our site put on? The following and we talk about their experience.

first let businesses be willing to advertise on our website,

is there a lot of people who say this is no nonsense? Why don’t you advertise on your website?. But what I want to say is that while advertising brings business benefits, even though we get paid for it, some ads do have a lot of negative impacts on the website itself. So we want to make the merchants we want to advertise on our website.

below is a very simple question, the specific method: free advertising to businesses (case of operation), if the case is successful, naturally do not worry about the problem behind. If the case fails, the rest of the business will not believe us. Of course, some personal Adsense, because there is a certain reputation, or online under certain influence, then this step will be relatively simple.

second question, how do you sell the ads?

merchants look at the effect, even if you give them free advertising, there is no effect, did not bring them income, or will not cooperate with you. We should remember, on the website, we recommend the product to the merchant or recommend the brand, although there is a certain amount of traffic on the site, there are some users. But they don’t focus on business advertising (except of course necessities). I recommend the medical system commonly used: telephone, QQ, and so on one to one communication, and the best to convince businesses to do some small gifts.

How does

third local websites combine with businesses?

believes that the above said two we can think of, but the best way is to place the site and local businesses to cooperate each other to win my own station did not do at this level is not Slide Show, here is a station of my friend.


he made local forums and local property developers to cooperate, this win-win model is every local webmaster coveted website profitable way. Of course, the third model is to have a certain reputation in the site can only be carried out.

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