Talking about the importance of the content of the website, what kind of content should we do

in the early days of building a website, as a webmaster, we must be for the upcoming web site to design content, and the direction of future web development. As we all know, it is very impractical to do a big and complete web site to attract users. After all, without the support of funds and talents, we can only make use of our expertise and do fine and meticulous research.

first do content contrast: when determining a small development direction, constantly to Baidu, Google search sites of the same type, carefully guess those who touch the top-ranking website what is unique, and he is going to build the station compared to what is similar and different. What are the reference for your site. In fact, Baidu Google, these search engines ranked (excluding those cheating SEO type website), must have its unique place, if I blindly imitate, you’ll end up with a – ending, so I’m referring to at the same time, I must put the ideas and unique reflected, such as go back to the way.

secondly, do the content originality: the original content is the only standard for a website to survive, only the original can attract more search spiders to patronize the frequency of the site. We can according to the website of total amount of information, update the daily increase of the total amount of information 1/1000, my website (free, the total amount of information about 8000, so every day I continue to increase the original fixed information about 8. You may ask how much, where the original information is not up to how much? Since the original, I can put the pseudo original, others slightly change the title and content, and finally add their own comments, such an original content is produced, there are a lot of articles about this introduction Adsense online, I is not elaborated.

again do website development goals: any website is not for Adsense myself, nor the renowned capital, but for the majority of users on the Internet, users to access the site, only to let them get the best user experience, very convenient to find the user needed information, to make your website development up.

so no matter what website you do, and what end users you are responsible for, you must start from the end goal of the user, do a good job of doing this, I believe that your web site will be a miracle.

above is what I do in the end the content of the website when some considerations, welcome to discuss and discuss with me. Reprinted please indicate the source and copyright information!


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