Blind Track

first_imgYesterday I talked about the track clinic that I just attended in Indianapolis.  Some of you will remember Jon Saner who ran hurdles for me while attending Batesville High School.  Jon, of course, was not blind but had very limited vision.  Everyone was amazed that Jon picked hurdles as his event.  I did not suggest Jon try hurdles.  However, I mentioned before one practice that I needed a volunteer to try hurdles and Jon was the first in line.  Not only did he volunteer to do this difficult event, but he excelled in it with that limited sight.At the conference, Purdue University’s field event coach, Chris Huffins, talked about his totally sightless female pole vaulter.  He emphasized several times that the only thing she sees is dark.  The amazing thing is that she is not only doing this event, but she has more than adequate ability.  When most people close their eyes and try to walk they have trouble with balance.  This young lady goes down the runway on her own at top speed, finds the box, and vaults.  Amazing!last_img

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