Team experience sharing how to achieve industry first

think about yourself in the computer industry has also been a few years, and went to high school, nothing learned, all day indulging in the network. Later, I found a way to get rich. Yes, the three hundred and sixty line is the best".

was interested in the beginning of the establishment of their own e era Fengyun team baoma.newesd, but do not know which direction to go to develop, there is a saying "choose the industry than election work is more important."."

but the most important thing for a fast growing business is the team.

business leaders often team and staff of the importance of giving lip service. In particular, some big enterprises often preach that talent is the most important asset. It sounds like a cliche – but think about what it would be like to make the most important decision if you started your business and who you chose to work with.

the reason is simple. No one has all the skills, experience, connections, or reputation needed to create and operate an enterprise. So, in concept, if you want to succeed, you have to form a core team. Team members will play a different role for you: non executive directors, or your partner, or important staff. But with them, you have to be able to cope with all the basic issues.

before then, however, you can only understand yourself by knowing who you need: your strengths and weaknesses. No association between what great innovators and business leaders or managers. Having innovative ideas does not mean that you have the skills to manage others. The hardest part of any decision might be to let someone else lead the company you’re running.

so what does the team need? First of all, it needs a certain amount of persuasion, especially persuading others to accept your vision. You have to convince clients, investors, partners, and even street vendors.

secondly, teams need computing power. Enterprise logic is based on numbers. Manage by managing cash flow. Entrepreneurs often think that accounting should be bookkeeping and accounting, and therefore ignore the fundamental role of these calculations.

cash flow is business: it can serve as your guide, early warning system, and prediction. It’s not something other than business. Business accounting may be the job of accounting, but it is up to you to understand the details so that you can use it to drive the development of your business.

third, the team needs experience. There are three specific types: customer experience, product experience and entrepreneurial experience. If you are planning to sell web services to restaurants, you need not only experience in developing web services but also experience in running restaurants. Entrepreneurial experience is very important, and is more important than the other two experiences. Because of lifestyle, I choose to work in a big company, work in a stable family enterprise, or self-employed, all of which work with rapidly developing start-ups

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