Canaan Cougar participates in national archery competition

first_imgCanaan, In. — Recently, Canaan Cougar Jeremiah Lengerich competed in the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) Eastern National Competition. Thousands of students competed with only the top 100 in each category advancing to the World Competition. Lengerich scored 277/300! Lengerich score ranked him 977 out of 7837 Overall Boys and ranked him 43 out of 2229 Elementary Division Boys. Additionally, the 277/300 score ranked him 38 out of 1359 Grade 5 Boys. Lengerich shared, “One arrow at a time pays off.”Jeremiah Lengerich will now take aim at the NASP World Tournament in Nashville, Tennessee this July. The Cougar Archers are coached by Jay Mullins and Lara Dempler. Coach Dempler stated, “Jeremiah is determined and focused. He sets goals and he tries to reach them. We are very proud of him working so hard to go to World.” The NASP Worlds is expected to draw 5000 youth to compete. The format for the world tournament is the same as the state and national qualifiers. Lengerich will get five practice arrows, followed by 15 scored arrows. Archers will use the same Genesis bows and Easton arrows customarily used at all NASP tournaments focusing the competition on skill, not who can afford the best equipment. The archers will also shoot “bare-bow” style: without accessories such as sights, stabilizers, and release aids.Canaan Archers excel on and off the court demonstrating their dedication to academics and archery. Canaan Community Academy will honor 61% of the team during the spring awards ceremony for being named Academic Archers by NASP. Their C.A.O., Rhonda Pennington shared, “We are very proud of each archer and especially proud of Lengerich; the Canaan family and community will be wishing him a strong shot during the NASP Worlds.last_img

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