Need to know what the industry needs to operate wallpaper shop

now a lot of investors to see others in venture capital, their own series also want to become a member of the investment industry, but a lot of industry knowledge is not enough to understand, but also talk about how to get the business? So, as a wallpaper store owner, how to use professional, expert charm to conquer the customer? There are some knowledge about wallpaper! Today Xiaobian for the business of the wallpaper shop, science on the wallpaper you must know the little knowledge!

Where is the birthplace of


The birthplace of

wallpaper in Europe, now by the most developed countries in northern Europe, the best quality and environmental protection, followed by Southeast Asian countries, in Japan, South Korea, the popularity of wallpaper is as high as nearly 90%.

What are the benefits of


wallpaper is designed by the designer and CO produced by the division, with the process of aesthetic and personality style of the trend of products.

it is the most convenient and quick to change the style and atmosphere of the wall, so that the environment becomes rich. Just like an ordinary girl if you have the right to dress up, it will shine. Dress up the girl is a fashion, the wall is decorated wallpaper, wallpaper that wall fashion.

It is a

method to improve the environmental quality is relatively the most economical, wallpaper high penetration rate region is a high cultural taste and the economically developed areas, more than 65% penetration rate in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, up to 90%. Plastic wallpaper easy to handle, can be cleaned with water, especially for uneven or cracks in the wall, the role of a more decorative landscaping.

wallpaper is environmentally friendly material?

wallpaper products are environmentally determined by the material. Most well-known brands of wallpaper using natural wood pulp and water-based ink production, the relative environmental quality of paint more trustworthy. China famous trademark ROEN ROEN wallpaper quality environmental protection, green health.

what stage paste wallpaper?

wallpaper should be pasted in the wood and the painter, before the floor.

how to change wallpaper?

replace the new wallpaper, you need to tear off the old wallpaper. After the old wallpaper to clean, such as no damage to the wall, brushing the standard basement membrane can be affixed to the new; if there is damage to the wall, you need to play the re processing of the putty, and then brush the function of the basement membrane, dry can be affixed to the new.

how to check the quality of the construction of the wallpaper?

after the completion of the construction of the wallpaper, the requirements of the 1.5 meters outside the visual paper no obvious seams; affixed to prison

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