To be patient, to be a man, to be grateful

Chongqing webmaster portal – do stand to patience, life to Thanksgiving

webmaster is the most difficult of a career, every day in the computer work hard day and night, silently dedication

webmaster is the most easy to meet the occupation, as long as see flow rise, PR rise will be satisfied,

webmaster is the most nerve of a profession, no matter what you see, always want to check whether the domain name is registered,

webmaster is the most do not understand the gentle career, won’t accompany girlfriend shopping, won’t spend all your mind, make brilliant, funny fun.

I found myself like this, but I’m not that crazy.

08 years May began to do Chongqing Adsense portal station, the initial ideal is to do a favorite station to play. But on the day that the site was online, I found things were not that simple.

two big problems:

1, domain name applications, after a very long period of time, is in the sad, because the former master also do not know what to do with him, all search engines are K out, isolated ah.

2, the program is no problem, every day have to spend a lot of time to add relevant information, this is the most difficult thing.

website is improving day by day, but the traffic is still very poor. It has been done for nearly 2 months, and the traffic has not been increased by more than one day. Sad ah. At this time, continue or give up the suffering?.

gave up, unfortunately, spent 2 months to operate, although poor, but after all, is the success of their own labor ah.

continues to be very hard, 2 months of time, Baidu GG do not favor me, long banned my domain name, hate search engines, what is the big thing?.

friends have advised me to continue, let me let go of my mind, do not care about gains and losses, and I am happy to learn something is. Finally, I moved.

do stand, your station stability, can’t change your website over another period of time to another theme website, this is the experts told me.

so I have been around a theme, dig Chongqing local excellent webmaster resources, collect Chongqing Internet information, and no longer to see whether the site was collected, PR whether improved. Persisted all the time. Slowly, I forgot the Baidu, forgot the Google, forgot the traffic, PR and so on….

now I want to say is, I want to thank my friends, thank you for like-minded on the Internet webmaster friends, thanks for the support of my friends in real life, to thank the Chongqing stationmaster stepped on portal users. Because on that day a friend in a very worship tone asked me how to get to the site is PR=4, I was back in my know rather baffling, inadvertently, my site PR has risen to 4, traffic is slowly increased, the most happy is Baidu Google actually.

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