Ma Huateng the penguin has changed some of the Chinese entrepreneurial culture

started in 1995, and I started using ICQ with my friends. Later, I found OICQ and felt very happy. You know, the WINDOWS system couldn’t be used in Chinese and English at that time, so it was a big industry to provide Chinese tools and "Chinese software" for WINDOWS. OICQ can easily use Chinese characters, of course, become our first choice.

in 1999, I began to enter China’s Internet industry, and began our e-commerce career. At that time, I had ordered our website to use OICQ to provide service to our customers. It is believed that all Chinese e-commerce websites now have to be equipped with instant messaging devices, which have started with us – and this has become a common practice in Chinese websites. Not surprisingly, people who come through QQ are generally more likely to call than they do.

I met Ma Huateng shortly afterwards. Let me be startled at is that this is a shy boy, completely ineloquent, even saw the girls blush. At our usual semi social events, his QQ number, which the Chinese always thought was a good, lucky number, had always been a popular gift.

our friendship lasted for 10 years, never interrupt, which is a very important reason, perhaps because I firmly believe that QQ will achieve a great success from the beginning, I think even than he is stronger. Of course, I didn’t expect them to be China’s most successful Internet companies. As for himself, then being confused, how this tool can bring cash: then Chinese has universal digital mobile phone, I call and he still use analog mobile phone, and certainly no later brought wealth miracle for him and many SMS, mobile value-added services.

but I firmly believe that the tools people enjoy must have opportunities to make money. If we haven’t made money yet, it’s just that the chance hasn’t come yet, or we didn’t think she was knocking at the door. Fortunately, the chance came soon.

QQ has become a favorite tool, and I want to relate to the reserved nature of the orientals. Everyone likes to communicate with others, but they are not accustomed to communicating with strangers at random. QQ solved the problem completely, allowing everyone to chat easily behind the computer, creating a culture of communication that never existed in the last 5000 years.

more importantly, Ma Huateng keenly noticed this, with his profound understanding and extraordinary intuition, has been in the process of mastering the culture, QQ needs to make improvements. Over the past 10 years, QQ has become more suitable for Chinese people than all other computers, and it is more and more popular for Chinese men, women and children. It has become a basic tool for daily communication. To do this, I think, and Ma Huateng himself has not been related to the network. He himself is a lover of QQ, and almost every day I can see him flashing on my QQ until late at night

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