Lynn Swann responds to LA Times article

first_imgSwann said he spent his time on the trip connecting with people to benefit the University, and that he was fulfilling a commitment made months ago. After explaining this position, he responded to Ellison’s comment saying that he did not understand the details. The L.A. Times article said Swann made money at a memorabilia convention that reportedly charged fans $220 for an autograph, while the rest of the University’s athletic department dealt with the fallout of the college admissions bribery scandal in Los Angeles. USC Athletics published a letter from Athletic Director Lynn Swann in response to a Los Angeles Times story released Monday criticizing Swann for signing autographs for money in Virginia over the weekend. “The article would have you believe that I traveled to sign autographs with no concern for what is going on at USC,” Swann wrote in his letter addressed to Trojan fans. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” “While on this brief weekend trip back East, I was constantly connected with people at our university,” Swann wrote. “Also, as a matter of principle, I live up to my commitments and contractual obligations. I signed a contract months ago to appear at the event, well before news broke of what is going on at USC now. Not showing up would have been a breach of contract.”   Ellison further commented on the current state of USC Athletics, which has endured losing records from football and basketball. Swann also made it clear that he doesn’t commonly attend autograph shows. The last one he attended was five years ago. “Lynn’s a good guy, but isn’t his salary in the millions?” Ellison told the L.A. Times. “Why does he need to do this? It’s just embarrassing.” The L.A. Times article quoted former USC linebacker Riki Ellison who scrutinized Swann for trying to make money. “The program is unraveling. … If you’re Lynn Swann, how does [going to an autograph show] gain additional credibility for USC?” he said to the L.A. Times. Swann said he was contractually obligated to appear in Virginia and the visit did not interfere with his communication with the University. USC is currently at the center of the bribery scheme, with 16 individuals indicted in relation to USC. USC fired senior athletic administrator Donna Heinel and well renown head water polo coach Jovan Vavic in March after the investigation surfaced. “I will make decisions that will help our student-athletes succeed and make all of us better,” Swann said in his letter. “I do not make decisions in a vacuum without input from others. I do not make decisions without weighing multiple factors. As I have always done, I will do my best for this organization.”last_img

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