After the Google era one hundred thousand webmaster collective confusion

Liu Tao’s "window of Liuyang average monthly earn thousands of dollars of income, since the Google statement may leave China, website profit decline speed suddenly increased, from Liu Tao’s account shows, from February Google acquired advertising costs only $69.86.

As a member of Google’s advertising alliance, Liu Tao has to find a new way out for the window of Liuyang (


Liu Tao tried to cooperate with billions of advertising and advertising dotting. But cooperation is not as good as imagined, because these advertising alliances lack of Google as a large number of fixed advertisers resources, so it is not easy to get out of the shadows for a short time, at least, there is no obvious progress.

In fact,

, have the same confusion and Liu Tao There are plenty of people who, this group is called "master" of the people, they have their own independent website domain name, they released Google ads on your site, depending on the traffic and clicks earn the advertising expenses. Data show that only Google advertising Union in the "webmaster" there are one hundred thousand more. The webmaster’s website provides the most important advertising platform for Google, and is an integral part of Google’s advertising alliance. Google gone, lost the "rice bowl" webmaster collective into confusion, transformation difficulties become their most headaches.

great changes,

in 2007 March, Liu Tao began operating a local classified information website. In July 2007, he joined the Google advertising alliance and began placing Google ads on his website.

The "

" window of Liuyang "is the main source of income and Google advertising alliance cooperation, if not the money, the website will be unsustainable." Liu Tao says.

Google advertising alliance is the world’s most famous advertising platform, integration from all over the world advertisers and site owners, Google advertising advertisers to pay for advertising, marketing with Google advertising platform; and the main site to join Google advertising alliance, can easily use their website to free advertising place from Google advertising alliance advertising, and easy access to advertising revenue. The Google ad Alliance Program is very simple. The website owner only needs to add a section of the ad code to his own web page.

as Google advertising alliance to head into advertising is generally higher than that of other domestic advertising alliance, and he has edited global advertisers resources and web resources, basic can be regarded as the industry benchmark, so in 80% of the home owners would choose Google as a partner, Liu Tao said.

Google finally chose to leave the three – game decision.

Google’s non cooperative attitude, inevitably let advertisers worry, Google’s exit will affect their promotion effect? If you choose to continue to cooperate, after the sale will not be affected? If it is innocent, it will be caught off guard. For these companies, reduce or stop >

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