A student station station experience

entered the University, because of majoring in e-commerce, the Internet has a certain understanding. After about a year, a student with the dormitory suddenly toward the nine Friday night to soak in the online – website. Since then, a considerable part of the time is not seen other people’s shadow, according to his words, only the abnormal people can build a good site, students boast, and he still goes his own way. About half a year later, one day, he raised a cheque in hand said, showing off, this is he this month Wangzhuan, will be more. We grabbed, Yaya, was a cheque for $100, you know, for a considerable part of the students, is already a good income.

so, around more and more students truancy, learn in his ass all day with more and more people, then, that guy had the cheek to open up classes, each condition is to ask him to eat a meal. Holding an attitude of trying, I did not hesitate to join them.

at first, is really very excited, every day to see the Internet, looking for material, meet their own feel good article copy to your own website, but at the same time, the heart also gradually uncomfortable, there are many webmaster experience online interview, the guy dare unconscionable pit my meal, but think back if not, he brought the door, to find themselves do not know how long? So after a few months, traffic did not rise, but fell, I began to panic, once again to the "master" please come over, "I said brother, you this is a hodgepodge." I don’t know what my website looks like, but I don’t even know what my site is doing. I’m not sure. I don’t know exactly what my website is doing. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know exactly what my site is doing. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, either. I don’t know exactly what my site is doing, either. I’m not sure, either. I’m not sure, either. I’m not sure, either. I’m not sure, either. I’m not sure, either. I’m not sure about what I’m doing. I’m not sure, either. I.

one day, suddenly a phone call, each claiming to advertise on my website at first, I thought he was joking, did not care, did not think that people are really anxious, "what do you want me to say that you believe?" "that you make money in my account." I gave him my account, but two days later, the man called me again and asked me to check the money. Gosh, pie in the sky, I rushed to the bank run, really is, I excitedly shouted heaven and earth.

but the problem, I will not hold back the art, went to the library a lot of Photoshop books, playing for a long time, do something out of their own could not see later or spend a little money, to fix this picture advertising. Accidentally saw an article that introduced me to "55.la", just try, the fact is the same as what they advertised, but they are different. How can I say that,


image generation (including banner, logo, etc..) is very simple, with the fancy above click, you can enter text, but later, click on some pictures, shows that I need to pull the coin, the only understanding that this is money, a coin equal to me a yuan of money, is not to say that the.

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