Gourd monk five advantages of using micro-blog marketing


the word is now the most popular words and the most popular social networking platform, micro-blog is affected by the originator Twitter of the first class of micro-blog products Fanfou online line to now Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog comprehensive Tencent Sohu micro-blog era we feel that micro-blog has brought to our social life fun and change in the way of communication.

micro-blog marketing along with the emergence of micro-blog has also been launched, the use of micro-blog platform for instant interaction and instant communication with users, and immediate access to user feedback. All questions can be solved or forwarded, shared and transmitted by text or pictures or video within 140 words. So what are the benefits of using micro-blog for marketing? The following gourd monk will come to share the five benefits of using micro-blog for marketing.

one, low cost, simple operation, interactive,

for small companies, it is a very good thing to low cost promotion bring good results, if the operation can be simple, and can immediately get feedback information of users, it would be better. So the use of micro-blog marketing for small companies the advantage is low cost, simple operation, strong interaction of these aspects, but how to make good use of this tool that micro-blog will need to carefully study, I will share with you later.

two, enhance business, brand affinity

is ideal for small companies or units that want to change their public image. For example, Guangdong city of Zhaoqing Province opened the first public security micro-blog, caused great repercussions in society, which greatly improved the image of the public security departments in the eyes of ordinary people, much closer relationship between the police and the public.

, if the company wants to convey its products, ideas, and values to the user so that it can further understand all aspects of the enterprise, you can take advantage of micro-blog’s platform.

three, closer user distance, immediate access to feedback


user is the God, is the so-called popular in the world, so the company, products do so, enterprises must not lose the user’s heart. So at any time, users can not pull away from the distance, and at any time can not ignore the user’s feelings and voices. If the user chooses to pay attention to or listen to your micro-blog, then if you listen to or pay attention to the user’s micro-blog, it will give the user a good feeling, the user will think you care about him. If you have any problems, you can communicate and communicate with users first time, using the advantages of micro-blog instant messenger.

on the user’s user support closer distance problem for everyone for example; in the process of the American presidential election, some candidates to publish their own travel by Twitter, including Obama and Hilary, are in the Twitter to build a personal homepage, but eventually Obama won the 150 thousand "followers".

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