Dževad Poturak Is Ending His Career

first_imgOne of the best K-1 fighters Dževad Poturak, known by the nickname ‘BH Machine’, bid farewell to his career in front of the public in KSC Ilidža. At the competition ‘No Limit’, he fought with Belgian Mamadou Keteo. After 50 wins, Poturak took off the glove on his left hand and at the center of the ring officially confirmed that he put an end to his career. The public chanted his name along the way.‘’I am very happy with the fact that I put an end to my career. Regarding the last match, I would point out that it was not serious. Everything was fun for me, my friends and people who came to see me fight one last time. Simply, I decided to give my fans and friends three minutes of fun. I think that I repaid my fans and B&H many times’’, said Poturak.Poturak decided to end his career due to health problems, and he is expected to undergo heart surgery soon.‘’There were a lot of problems at the same time. I have health problems, and I am expected to have heart surgery soon. This is something that awaits me’’, added Poturak.In his career, Dževad Poturak had 75 matches. Out of that, 50 were wins (31 knockouts) and 22 defeats and three draws.(Source: klix.ba)last_img

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