Badminton in Sarajevo: Meet the Wonderful Sport of the Future

first_imgMostly unknown to the public in BiH, this interesting sport lives in Sarajevo, and it survives thanks to a few dozens of ” serious enthusiast ” who are using every free moment for training, performances, competitions and gatherings.Badminton is an Olympic sport. It was included in the official program of the Olympic Games in 1992, at the Olympics held in Barcelona. When it comes to BiH, competitive badminton was started playing in 2002, first in Banja Luka. The first badminton club in BiH – BK Banja Luka was founded in 2005. In the following year was founded the Badminton Association of BiH. Association is a member of the Olympic Committee of our country, Balkan Badminton Association, the European Badminton Confederation (BE) and the World Badminton Federation (BWF).In Sarajevo, badminton is played through organized form of recreation of the Association – Club sports and recreation for everyone, and through the Badminton section of the Association – Sarajevo Badminton. According to recent studies, over 200 million people is playing badminton recreationally, and the Association – club sports and recreation for everyone from Sarajevo, is carrying out active campaign of involvement inactive persons in recreational activities. Besides recreationists, Sarajevo badminton successfully works with young people and children.‘Sarajevo badminton is very creatively promoting this wonderful sport, which is recreational on the one hand, as many like to call it “sport for everyone” and Olympic on the other hand, very hard and incredibly fast. Sarajevo badminton league in the women’s and men’s competition is organized for 2 years in a row. This year, the League starts on the 1st of March and ends on the 31st of June. The New Year’s competition of Sarajevo badminton is very interesting, one-day tournament for all categories, with which ends the season and celebrates the birthday of the organization ”, said members of the Association – Club sports and recreation for everyone.If you want to try out this interesting sport in Sarajevo, apply by calling the phone number: 061 200 422 or 061 225 845, or if you have any questions send it on the e-mail: [email protected] All the news can be found on their Facebook page – Sarajevo badminton.(Source:

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