At The Finish Line…Where Only the Truth Matters

first_imgBILL NEALOkay, for all the do-gooders out there who want to suggest that the Steelers made the bed they have to lie in, I will tell you they’re just as wrong as the no call in the S.D./K.C. game. Regardless of your record and how good it should be, the rules say if you win you’re in. The Steelers are not in the playoffs because the refs blew not one, but two calls, not because of the same record they had with six other teams that qualified!Hey Chuck, John, Gary and the rest of the Savoy basket weaving . . . I mean basketball team, Myron Brown just had knee surgery and he said, and I quote, “Neal, I put it on them with one leg. Just think if I had both legs how bad it would have been!”Do yourself a favor and find the DVD “Ali” Through the Eyes of the World and be reminded of his greatness. I’ve got them all and this is “the greatest” one of all.Go see American Hustle. Just go see it! One of the top five movies of the year. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.The wind chill in Green Bay is going to be 17 below zero Sunday. I wouldn’t go to that game if Vince Lombardi himself was coaching and I am a football man . . . man!A big shout out to good brother Will Anderson for stepping up with his donation for our Toys for Tots program. Could not have done it without you. Everybody reading this vote for him.  He’s a good man!YOU HAVE NOW CROSSED OVER THE FINISH LINElast_img

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