Astonishment in Germany: Klinsmann has not renewed his license

first_imgJürgen Klinsmann may not take his usual place on the bench of Hertha Berlin this weekend in the match facing Bayern at the Olympic Stadium in the German capitalAna. According to Bild, the German coach has an expired license and it is possible that he will not be allowed to train the Berlin team. This German newspaper says that, on Tuesday, Hertha received a notification from the DFL warning of this situation endangering the presence of his coach in the band of the Olympiastadion in Berlin before the Bavarian team. In that statement, the DFL reminds Hertha of its commitment to present the documentation before the meeting of this day and Bild assures that this situation has not yet been resolved. In order to train in Germany, the Federation requires its own license or an equivalent obtained in another country and that they consider valid. Klinsmann has it, and taken out in Germany more than two decades ago, but he cannot prove that he has carried out the process necessary for its renewal. These licenses require a renewal every three years demonstrating an additional 20 hours of training that, according to Bild, Klinsmann would have done in Mexico and Brazil but it is still necessary to present the documentation that proves that everything has been done according to the rules and that allows him to continue exercising . The DFL does not want this situation to lengthen and in its statement it assures that it “relies on a quick solution.” In fact, the Bild newspaper itself considers it “unlikely” that Klinsmann does not feel before Bayern although it is an option that exists. Dfrom the Federation, cAs a solution to prevent this from happening again, they have offered Klinsmann to participate in a congress of elite coaches to be held in February in Mainz in order to prove the necessary training for renewal.“The documentation is in my home in California”Jürgen Klinsmann himself wanted to explain the case in Bild and that is because this whole situation is due to forgetfulness. The German coach left the documentation at his home in California, which is currently empty. “When I got on the plane to Berlin I didn’t think I would need my trainer license and my accreditation for additional training because I didn’t think I was going to coach Hertha. At Christmas, I forgot the documents and now there is no one in my house in California because my wife is living in the city where our daughter studies. I am trying to present all the necessary documents, “said the coach.last_img

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