Grassroots webmaster how to grow fast

what’s the most puzzling part of the newbie? The problem is unanswered. Here are two branches, one to find the answer and the other to wait for the answer.

The choice of

first excludes 50% of people seeking answers, whether it’s seeking someone else’s answer, or thinking about the answer, or the other, at least you’re taking the first step.

think, is a difficult process, this kind of new hands, will have two branches, 0 of revenue and supernormal development speed. The front said thinking is just a process, this is only a starting point, there are many thoughtful people but will be trapped in it, it does not do. And wait for the answer, there will be a great development, perhaps this is the so-called smart, but this kind of people. A lot of Qiaqia inertia is the human side, this is very normal. How to overcome, is very important. Used to work with people too observant of conventional standards., wages, it is difficult to overcome this. This and yourself the influence of childhood experience, I think more than 80% people have this kind of education and family. But I have an enlightened mom and Dad, I’m glad, was not bound by this idea. At least they struggled, though without success, and now my wife Only see now like Dad, so I do not understand him, he did not complain anything left for me, and I, my father and mother very much respect, if fate conversion, another 50%, may I become the prince brother. (this far!)

sometimes with novice exchanges, they think to ask what advantages, 90% will say some optimization and promotion, Wangzhuan way. No one will say that they are stupid.

and the other side of the thinker broke out, the power is very alarming, it can do, regardless of success or failure, groping in practice and thinking, repeated practice, if coupled with a bit of luck, they will soon succeed, of course, only a few such people. They are often the kind of strong endurance and people. A characteristic, unknown to the public, it’s hard for you to see where they are, even in QQ, and the communication is also a few familiar friends, is the kind that muffled large fortune. Endurance, toughness, and low profile is their characteristics. They are often experienced strong wind and big waves, the frustrations of life, so that personal experience for anything, will have an impact. The thinking man can have a fatal illnesses, including to do and want to do people, they want to be too many things, very difficult to sort out the boundaries of live entertainment and work, their families may complain about them, and the men of the situation is more serious, in fact, this kind of one cause of heart is very heavy, inevitably complain. Without family more emphasis on physical pleasure, even the large consumption, just to meet the spiritual level once, will not be happy for several days.

and others seeking answers, not development or it is difficult to develop, many of them make good use of the opportunity, a small message may bring them good returns, of course, the premise is willing to do. But "

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