Young Liberian Evangelist Cautions Youths to Adopt Moral Values

first_imgA young Liberian evangelist and musician, Zinnah Dadzie,  says if young Liberians truly need societal change for the betterment of the country, they must begin now to adopt moral values that will affect the change.Evangelist Dadzie who is popularly known by his Gospel music “I jump over it,” made the assertion in an interview with the Daily Observer on April 18, 2015 in Monrovia.Making the statement in an exciting tone, Evangelist Dadzie said it is not enough to call for change, but if Liberian youths think corruption, discrimination, dishonesty and other sinful acts are bad for the country, they must avoid those things and live the way they think others should live.Dadzie who serves as president of the United Christian Youth Organization,  is of the conviction that Liberia can change and develop if young people set better moral examples by living righteously.The United Christian Youth Organization, according to the young evangelist, is a group from different churches of various denominations that bring together young people to propagate the Good News about Jesus Christ.In line with the objective and goal of the organization, Evangelist Dadzie said they are planning a conference for the 29th of April to bring together  Christian youths to teach the Judeo-Christian moral philosophies.Although could not give an exact position on where he stands on the suggestion of making Liberia a Christian state, Evangelist Dadzie asserted that if Liberians learn to live moral lives by observing the Christian values of  honesty, sincerity, and truthfulness, Liberia will not by constitution be called a Christian state.  But others who will see these Christian values.“The Finance Minister today will not be in that office forever, and ten years from now a youth of today will be in that office.  If we Liberians think things should go well, we should not be the ones to speak of emulating vices from current leaders, but we should learn to practice what we know is right,”  he said.Some Liberian youths, because of the rampant corruption and social discrimination in the country, often speak out boldly that they cannot change what has been put in place, but will also expand on it when they assume public offices.  This is wrong and those who think like that should stop doing so.Cheating in test is broadly done by students at the both secondary and university levels  today, and this had caused the West African Examination to once be cancelled.Commenting on the planned conference, he said new revelations come in every day, and he believes there will be new ideas to teach the youths for transformation in addition to what they learn in their respective churches. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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