From art to the Web the experience of a 80 female stationmaster (three)

first of all, thank you for your support. This experience is of great significance to me. It allows me to find my goal in life, but also let me cherish the feelings of the future.

now, I continue to write down this experience, I hope you can continue to support users. Say "thank you" here,


the most beloved people do not understand the feeling, like a piercing pain; the most beloved people don’t trust the eyes, like the enemy shot into the body. Suddenly, I had no support. In this city, everything is so familiar, yet so strange. I do not speak, I do not have many friends, but those so-called friends, only for fear of loneliness gathered.

I’m alone, like a lonely dandelion, drifting aimlessly in the city, just to give me a shelter when the wind stops. I’m not in the mood, and I’m afraid to touch the network again. Let me give up without any choice. Give up the website I used to study hard and give up my favorite. Finally, I chose to close the forum. I wish I could close my memory.

I was afraid that the phone rang when it was his number, that the thought was being fought or not, and that I had to turn it off. In order to forget, I again took up the paintbrush, in order to alleviate the pain in my heart. Take all my thoughts back to my studies, pick up my own professional books, read the books, and watch my roommate lend me notes. I’ve lost so much homework for the website. Although the teacher is not my ideal, but did not dare to dream of one day can be a teacher, but in order not to let the family down, I was determined to leave the back.

usually has a holiday, and I rarely go home. Because I don’t think my behavior and thoughts are accepted by my family, I chose to go home this time. I don’t want to stay in this city anymore. There’s only a biting wind.

came home, not as happy as I imagined, but more worried. He is thinking of website for website and stay up all night; and; in order to technical problems of the website and there he said traffic bend the brows; up the face of the child’s smiling face…… like the branding like his every act and every move, deep in my heart, not to sway.

parents see that I have something on my mind. Mother could not help asking whether I was worried about my feelings. Although my parents were just ordinary farmers, my mother was a very open-minded person. I didn’t know how to answer my mother’s questioning.

at this time, Jay also just holiday home. Facing Jay, I finally opened the memory that I had closed for a long time. I told him everything. Unexpectedly, Jie heard, not only did not comfort me, but rather laugh heartily. He laughed at me is a small woman, do not understand the man: "where there is a man willing to look at his girlfriend with another man so to talk to!" said Jim I is not only a small woman, or a stupid woman! Look at Jay laughing, I >

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