Combined with its own characteristics, the three principles of website operation success

now, with the development of the Internet and the Internet becoming a part of people’s daily life, more and more websites have been built up. So, how do you want to stand out on so many websites and get what you want,


is a successful web site is not perfect in the days after slowly in operation, in the establishment of the early is to plan carefully, is to combine their own things to carry out but also pay attention to the following three points:

first, make a rainy day, the site planning should be in place. Before the website is established, should think the operation direction of the website and profit pattern. Not to say, first build a station, come out again. In this case, many strategies that should not be shaken are often shaken. In this case, it is not firm enough, and at the same time, it will cost a lot and miss the opportunity to occupy the Internet market. At the same time, when the site is designed to help optimize the search engine architecture, so that in the future website promotion will be of great help. Therefore, web site operators to succeed in the site before it ought to be good design framework, want to know, what type of website is what industry, what is the profit pattern, what is the user? This is like looking for a French firm, is in the legal profession, is to do the legal industry portal. Is a lawyer and the public interaction platform. These are very clear, will be developed faster than half did not plan; at the same time in architecture is very conducive to the search engine, so the search to find a lawyer to find a legal words like Baidu, the French are looking for will appear in front.

two, pay attention to search engine optimization, mining more target users. For search engine optimization, I believe many people have heard of it, and some of them are more experienced in this field. At the same time, it’s also a good way to get customers to come to their website. Yes, if the website is optimized well, the flow of search engines is quite large. At the same time, these users are potential target users. After all, he’s searching for what he wants. For example, someone in Baidu search "looking for a lawyer", remove the promotion of the website, the first is to find the "French", then of course he is the first to choose "dragnet" this site. Well, he searches for a lawyer, then he’s 80% really looking for a lawyer to solve the problem. In this way, you say, most of them are potential target customers? At the same time, optimize the ranking, click on the money is not, unlike the promotion of those, the cost is relatively high. So, from this point of view is to save costs, save the cost of advertising costs, cost savings is one of the successful strategy of the site.

three, value the user experience, is the driving force to achieve the goal. You know, every user is your potential customer. If you want him to be your customer, you have to let him trust your website, and your website can make him feel comfortable. See if your site is not comfortable, dizzy, do you think it will become your customers? So, establish the operation process should be slowly found on the site.

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