Today, officially closed the webmaster blog for 5 years

12 years from the blog 5 years since the time, because the author which was a grassroots webmaster, so the blog also belongs to the blog, write, not consciousness has written 5 years webmaster blog, say what? I put my blog as their daughter to today, the statistics under the deadline today has written 2025 articles, these articles are original, mostly some webmaster operating experience of article

why should I build webmaster blog


in 2012, my first contact with the site, the first time with the discuz program to build a forum, the forum felt particularly funny, because in the forums and many friends chat site operators of things, one thing I enjoy most is love a webmaster chat site operation, listen to them tell them the stationmaster story, then I feel I should build a blog, every day to write some experience about Adsense operation articles and my head, or to just contact the Internet to provide some help, so I set up a blog

I spent 5 years writing webmaster blog


first contact the blog A5, know a lot of good friends, 5 years ago when figure wangdage said to me: the heart, attention to do one thing, then there must be harvested, now I can finally say thanks to figure wangdage, thank you for your words to my heart and focus 5 years, in these 5 years, I learned a lot about dreams, about the independence of endurance, 5 years, writing blog is not to prove how much, but a kind of self-cultivation behavior

why did I decide to close blog


5 years ago, I was single, often followed by A5 Internet Conference everywhere, now I have a family, but also as a father, but I have been out of blogging every day, today I officially closed 5 years writing webmaster blog, someone asked me if I was not too busy because of the time and off close the blog, this is obviously not, I can bring 2000 yuan of pocket income every month to write my blog, this blog 5 years, let me learn meditation to look at the issue or physical examination, but I think there are other things waiting for me to the heart and attention, so I decided to close the blog

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