The webmaster should pay attention to the details of everyday life

in peacetime overworked webmaster life, I feel a little thing, now write it, I hope to help you. What I want to say this time is that the stationmaster should pay attention to a few details in daily life, so that things will be more convenient and efficient.

1, good living habits,

webmaster should keep plenty of rest every day. If you can, do early to bed and early to rise, so that you can do the best station every day. At the same time, you shouldn’t stay in front of the computer all the time, because the outside world is wonderful. Also, drink plenty of water every day.

2, the computer does not need to turn off the

computers also need a break, so please turn off your computer when you don’t use it. And if the computer’s security is not good, when the computer is idle, it is easy for hackers to use the 3899 port invasion, become its broiler. Since then, the important files on the computer are not safe.

3, using multiple browsers,

webmaster’s computer should install more than one browser, convenient debugging, otherwise the website appears browser not compatible, and the webmaster himself has not found, so it will lose a lot. At the very least, there are Firefox, IE, I will not say, the system comes with.

3, debugger IIS such as installing

from the Internet down the source code, preferably in the local test, so that you need IIS and the like, of course, you can also download a variety of such as ASP Mini server. In this way, debugging the code will be much easier. Without modifying a file, you must send FTP once, which costs traffic and takes time.

4, the site as far as possible to generate html

if the use of some unknown procedures in security may have hidden dangers, so it is best to use to generate the HTML program, which can not only improve the load, can be reduced to the database to read and write, faster, more secure. Some owners believe that the generation of HTML is not easy to manage, and waste of space, the generation of HTML does have such drawbacks. But at the same time, the generation of HTML is beneficial to search engine optimization, and also to ensure the security of the website. Obviously, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

5, browser home does not have to be its own website

many owners have set up their own web browser home page, if the owners do is the movie station, station picture like, I don’t think we have to set it to the home page, because it is never of any use to oneself, some owners to search for home page. Owners can choose some well-known webmaster related website homepage, such as webmaster nets ( and home owners (, these are the preferred home owners, and owners of the home page is a search box more convenient.

6, take time to read articles,

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