Salford Group Releases the Section Control Ready Spinner Spreader Model for 2016

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Salford BBI, based in Cornelia, Georgia is releasing one of North America’s first spinner applicators equipped with section control that is engineered for commercial agriculture.“Section control is not new to BBI equipment,” says Richard Hagler, President of the BBI division of Salford Group. “We’ve been building models that can spread a full swath or manually turn on and off left and right side for the turf and orchard/vineyard markets for over 15 years. What makes this new section control option such an advance over other machines on the market today is the ability to dynamically stop in an already applied area, to turn on or turn off the left and/or right side of the spreader, rather than a mechanical switch the user must operate; they are built with the capacity required for large scale product agriculture.”Hagler went on to explain there were serious advantages for the farmer with this type of precision spreader control.  First, since a prescription map is controlling the left/right sections the user doesn’t need to worry about guessing or remembering when to manually control the spread pattern.  Even more beneficial are the economic and environmental benefits for the farmer.  The section control option is able to turn off either side of the spreader in areas where fertilizer has already been applied, thus reducing wasted application and saving the user the cost of the over applied product.  The system also follows boundary maps to eliminate or reduce applying outside of the field or into sensitive areas around the field such as buffer strips and water ways.“The economic and environmental benefits of the BBI section control option go hand in hand,” says Dave King, Director of Sales and Marketing at Salford Group.  “This system allows for vastly improved control of the spreader for a more accurate and environmentally friendlier application at a time when we’re becoming more aware of the need to control where our inputs are applied.  At the same time this system is about saving money, by keeping fertilizer application where it needs to be and not over applying or spreading outside of the field.  It’s about getting the right fertilizer to the right place at the right rate and at the right time. Our spreaders are more capable of that than any other built in North America.”BBI’s section control will be available on limited models this season. The Javelin is designed to top dress urea in a 120 foot swath.   Section control can be combined with the either the Javelin spinner package or BBI’s flagship spinner system the MagnaSpread.  The MagnaSpread is engineered to spread fertilizer on an 80 foot swath or lime up to 60 feet.last_img

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