Making Fiberglass Work

first_img This article is only available to GBA Prime Members When building science and home efficiency really took off in the mid-1990s, insulation contractors started hearing regularly about how the type of insulation used affects a building’s energy efficiency. Blower-door testing and thermal imaging of existing homes proved that fiberglass—as it’s typically installed—didn’t perform as well as other types of insulation, especially spray foam. As a result, builders and architects doing projects with energy-performance benchmarks started specifying spray foam as a way to ensure better airtightness and thermal resistance.These builders and architects liked spray foam because it seals around penetrations such as pipes, ducts, and wires, and because it fills odd-shaped cavities quickly and easily. But spray foam does have a significant downside: cost. Insulating a typical new home with spray foam in my area costs two to three times what it costs to use fiberglass. Because of its low cost, fiberglass insulation is easily the most popular building insulation here in Houston and in the rest of the country. For example, fiberglass makes up 85% of my company’s insulation business, while spray foam represents only 10%. The rest is cellulose.Provided it is installed according to the highest standards, fiberglass performs very well. My company has developed a cost-effective and quality approach you can adapt to meet the same standards.Installed right, fiberglass worksFor fiberglass to be effective, its installation must involve three factors. First, the building must have a durable and continuous air barrier such as taped sheathing. Second, any gaps and mechanical penetrations must be fully air-sealed with durable tape or sealant. Finally, the batts must be fit and placed with care and minimal compression.When these three factors are present, fiberglass performs as well as other insulation types. And that’s not just my… Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details.center_img Start Free Trial Already a member? Log inlast_img

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