Would you like your website logo to appear on the left side of the Baidu snapshot

website logo appeared Baidu snapshot of the left, showing the results more prominent, is conducive to the click of Internet users, but also conducive to the promotion of website brand. So, is there a good way to let the site’s logo appear in the Baidu snapshot of the left? Of course, there are some of the following high wind, share some of the successful cases of the method, I hope to draw lessons from.

first method: Baidu webmaster platform

this is very simple, direct login Baidu webmaster tools – search show (left navigation) – site properties – in accordance with the requirements can be added one by one.

this method applies to the original site, there is a certain amount of traffic and Internet users, the audience has a certain reputation; Baidu soon through the review. General web site may be difficult to audit some large. As follows:


second methods: Baidu search engine automatically grab

so how to let Baidu search engine automatically grab it?

1, usually grab the home page of the picture, the first choice is to grab the site logo, so if you want to Baidu search engine automatically grab, then logo design time to pay attention to the size. Gao Feng suggests 121px*75px is good. Also, choose a relatively large picture of the site, or a group of pictures that are captured first.

2, traffic support, the most core reason. When the core of the site keyword (preferably a certain index), there are home front rankings (the top three), to bring a certain amount of traffic to the site. Baidu snapshot shows the possibility of increasing logo. As follows:


More than

for everyone to learn the reference, the current implementation of Baidu snapshot left to show logo is relatively simple, the proposed two methods can also have to try, as long as the site keywords optimization, flow up to do. Naturally, it will achieve the desired logo show effect.

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