TVS Apache RTR200 4V is a delightful package that fails to disappoint

first_imgBoy, oh boy was I excited with news of a 200cc Apache. I had ample reason to be thrilled. It’s coming from an Indian manufacturer, and the only one at that, who has been actively participating in motorsport over the years since 1984.And what really makes the new Apache RTR 200 4V (bit long, no?) special is the engineering that trickles down to road bikes from racing.Sharper angles and racier lines make this Apache appear true to its name. (Photo: Pawan Dagia)It has been eons since TVS had truly upgraded the RTR 160 and 180 twins and with the time ripe for the 200-250cc segment, it was only right to come up with a new product. The years were utilized to work on the RTR 200 and I can safely say that it was time truly well spent, looking at jaws drop when the bike was revealed in the flesh.All-digital meter even offers a lap timer. (Photo: Pawan Dagia)There’s an unmistakable RTR semblance in the way the 200 looks but every bit is all-new. There are sharper angles and racier lines in the bodywork that make this Apache appear true to its name.New engine is the most refined unit in the RTR series. (Photo: Pawan Dagia) Then there are the alloy wheels, DRLs and all-matte paint schemes that further enhance the aggressive theme, appearing almost Japanese-like. The RTR 200 is striking from any angle. For a bike like this though, it’s the go packed with the show that matters.Contoured split seats look good and are comfortable too. (Photo: Pawan Dagia) And the go comes from a variety of mechanical factors that have been worked upon. A split double cradle chassis uses the new 200cc motor as a stressed member providing rigidity and better weight distribution. The piston uses a nano particle coating that helps maximize lubrication in the first 2,000 odd kilometres of its running.advertisementSwitchgear and plastics exude quality. (Photo: Pawan Dagia)Switchgear and plastics exude quality. (Photo: Pawan Dagia) The “4V” in the name comes from the single overhead cam operated 4-valve head, aptly covered with a bright red painted valve cover. The oil-cooled motor has specific channels around the valves and combustion chamber for faster cooling and improved thermal efficiency.Down the main straight of TVS’ short test track at their sprawling facility, the RTR 200 accelerated effortlessly, letting out a throaty engine note. The stainless steel exhaust pipe ends with a double barrel end can under which resides a second catalytic converter and resonator.LED tail-lamps get a white casing and are bright but not as angular as the rest of the bikes styling. (Photo: Pawan Dagia)The sound is engineered says TVS, besides looking like a machine gun. There’s not much engine noise though, thanks to the silent cam chain. Refinement levels are top notch as no vibrations crept into the bars or pegs even nearing the engine’s 11,500rpm soft rev-limiter.Off-set fuel tank is a nice styling touch, should aide easier fill-ups. (Photo: Pawan Dagia)The straight ends with a long right-handed loop that’s bumpy and here’s where the KYB suspension displayed its efficacy soaking up the undulation with barely a bother to the chassis. The bike stays true to its line, responding to rider inputs with optimal accuracy.Lower engine cowl helps to redirect hot air from the engine away from the riders legs. (Photo: Pawan Dagia)The non-ABS 270mm petal discs offer good bite and feedback. (Photo: Pawan Dagia) The carburetted version (yes, there’s an option!) shows slight lag in throttle inputs beyond the mid-range where the Bosch-supplied fuel-injection is more responsive. To nail a corner perfectly, it’s these minor differences that’ll make a difference. Better fuelling with the FI also helps achieve earlier opening of the throttle at corner exits and better top-end performance.You’ll also get an option to choose between TVS Remora tyres or a Pirelli Angel GT rear and Pirellii Sport Demon front combo. It’s surprising how grippy the TVS tyres are compared to the Pirellis and there’s little to tell them apart in regular use.The back straight ends in a U-turn where the non-ABS brakes slowed us down from 130kmph, from well within the 50m track markers. The brakes and front end combined, offer superb levels of confidence to brake late into a corner. An ABS option will only further enhances the safety envelope.Usable power, neutral and balanced handling for different applications, stunning styling. (Photo: Pawan Dagia)VerdictWhat a rush the RTR 200 presented, riding it hard. It’s a complete package that offers stunning looks, functional ergonomics comfortable for the street and it feels at home on a race track too. Refinement and power to boot, the RTR 200 is a delightful package that fails to disappoint in any respect.advertisementTVS has focused their engineering on real-world usability but the RTR racing DNA shines through to cater the performance hungry consumers of this segment.Watch it here:last_img

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