LIVE IPL 2017, Rising Pune Supergiant vs Delhi Daredevils: As it happened

first_imgHello and welcome to our live coverage of the Indian Premier League match between Rising Pune Supergiant vs Delhi Daredevils in Pune. (SCORECARD)Pune captain, Ajinkya Rahane says that 180-190 would have been a good total but Sanju Samson batted really well. Thinks that Morris’ cameo was very good and that cost them the momentum. Opines that Zaheer Khan and Amit Mishra bowled very well. Mentions that they couldn’t build partnerships and that is what they needed. Conveys that in T20 cricket 1 over with the bat or ball can change things. Ends by saying that one has to learn from the mistakes and move on.A crushing win for Delhi. Firstly, Sanju Samson’s blistering ton and a whirlwind cameo from Chris Morris propelled the visitors to a marauding total of 205. In reply, the Pune chase never took off as wickets kept falling in regular intervals. Eventually, they fell way short and endured a pounding defeat. Zaheer Khan and Amit Mishra took a 3-fer apiece to do bulk of the damage as the hosts were blown away. Concerns for Pune, especially their bowling but also the batsmen who looked out of sorts without regular skipper Steve Smith. As for Delhi, they have opened their account in style.23.16 IST: DELHI HAVE WON THE MATCH BY 97 RUNS. Cummins bowls this on a length and keeps it slow and outside off, Dinda is deceived by the slowness of the ball and pushes it unintentionally towards covers. Amit Mishra dives to his left and takes a stunner by his standards.advertisement23.09 IST: WICKET! Mishra has bounced back after his poor performance with the bat in the previous game. Mishra bowls the leg break slower through the air, Zampa kneels and slog sweeps it. It was a slog that needed more prayers as it never looked like clearing the mid-wicket fence. Samson positions himself well there and takes the catch.Match 9. 15.3: WICKET! A Zampa (5) is out, c Sanju Samson b Amit Mishra, 107/9 #RPSvDD- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 2017106/8 after 15 overs. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017Match 9. 14.3: Z Khan to A Dinda, 4 runs, 104/9 #RPSvDD- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 201723.00 IST: WICKET! He strikes straightaway! It is his third wicket. Bowls this on short and in the line of the stumps, Chahar has a wild swing at it but only manages a top edge. Pant hops a touch and catches it. As easy as it gets for the umpire. This probably will be a huge win for Delhi.FOUR for Zampa! That was smacked through extra cover. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201722.55 IST: WICKET! Delhi are cruising! Mishra tosses this one around off, Bhatia gets low and looks to clear long on with a sweep. However, he fails to connect it well. And Chris Morris at long on takes it comfortably. He is on a hat-trick because he dismissed Dhoni on the last ball of his last over.Over the rope! That’s a MAXIMUM for Deepak! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017Over the rope! That’s a MAXIMUM for Deepak! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201722.51 IST: WICKET! Is that the game for Pune? Probably, yes. MS Dhoni departs and guess what the helicopter shot has led to his demise. Mishra bowls this full and around leg, Dhoni had to go for the big shot, and whips it hard. However, he finds Karun Nair in the deep who takes a well judged catch. Dhoni cannot believe his luck. There is dead silence in the crowd. Rising Pune Supergiant 79/6 (12 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)76/5 after 11 overs. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017??? took off! SIX off the bat of #MSDhoni #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201722.32 IST: WICKET! Another one bites the dust. Stokes departs. Good take by Pant and Pune have now lost half their side. Disastrous times for the hosts. Short of a length outside off, Stokes goes hard on the pull stroke and gets a faint bottom edge that is well caught by Pant behind the sticks. Rising Pune Supergiant 54/5 (7.5 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)22.26 IST: WICKET! NADEEM STRIKES! It has to be the appeal that got Delhi this wicket. Flatter outside off, du Plessis goes for the premediated paddle but then sees that the line is wider for the stroke, tries to adjust somehow as the ball whizzes through to Pant who takes it well. Instant appeal for a catch and it’s very intense as well. The umpire raises his finger and du Plessis has to go. Was there a feather on it? Replays show that there was. Good decision! Rising Pune Supergiant 52/4 (6.4 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)advertisement22.22 IST: WICKET! MORRIS STRIKES! Shortish around middle, Tripathi is hurried on to the pull and he gets a top edge that goes towards backward square leg. Nadeem from fine leg covers a lot of ground to take the skier with ease. The chase continues to get tougher for the hosts. Rising Pune Supergiant 49/3 (5.5 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)22.15 IST: WICKET! ZAHEER HAS ANOTHER! It’s a slower ball again that does the trick for the Delhi skipper. Agarwal is early into the lofted stroke and skews it high to cover where Morris takes an easy catch after backtracking a bit. Pune in early trouble in this big chase. Rising Pune Supergiant 34/2 (4.5 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)22.08 IST: WICKET! CLEVER FROM ZAHEER! Slower ball outside off, Rahane misreads it and goes for the lofted stroke down the ground. Miscues it high towards Samson who runs backwards from mid off to take an easy catch. The stand-in Pune skipper fails to get going. Rising Pune Supergiant 24/1 (3 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)21.55 IST: Welcome back for the chase. Ajinkya Rahane and Mayank Agarwal to open the batting for Pune. It shall be Shahbaz Nadeem to take the new ball for Delhi.Congratulations to #MahirTahir on the Purple Cap.Happy Belated Birthday to his son! He asked for a great gift.??? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201721.39 IST: Delhi have registered the highest score at Pune. Goes about to say how dominating their batting has been today. The visitors couldn’t have asked for a better end from Chris Morris who hit 38 runs from 9 balls at a strike of 422.22. That’s outrageous! To start off with it was Sanju Samson, the Kerala batsman, who held the innings together and slammed his maiden century of the Indian T20 League. He has had his share of controversies in 2016 with the KCA but he has bounced back very well today. The way Rahul Dravid, his coach both at India A and this side, applauded his effort wonderfully which indicates how much he is proud of the Kerala batsman.21.39 IST: SIX! M-A-S-S-I-V-E! What a finish to the innings! Back of a length around off, makes no difference for Morris who stands tall and nonchalantly bashes this way over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Raining maximums in the slog overs and DELHI END ON 205/4.21.38 IST: SIX! BIGGIE! How effortless is this shot! Fuller around middle, Morris gets underneath it and whips it over deep square leg for a maximum. Clean hitting this and the Delhi innings is on nitro boost here.21.38 IST: FOUR! FAB SHOT! Excellent stroke from Morris. Once again it’s just finesse from the big man. Stokes follows him with a very full ball, Morris makes room and eases it through point for a boundary. What a cameo this is turning out to be!21.37 IST: FOUR! Deft touch from Morris! Shows that he is not about power alone. Back of a length outside off, he just picks it well and lobs it well wide of the short fine leg fielder for a boundary.advertisement21.30: WICKET! But he’s done his job for sure. Samson rocks back to pull this quicker ball across the line but it keeps a touch low to sneak beneath his bat. The stumps are disturbed. End of what has been a marvelous innings from the young lad. Gets a standing ovation as he leaves the field.Well Played, Son #Samson #IPL @DelhiDaredevils #RPSvDD IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 201721.29 IST: CENTURY! TAKE BOW SANJU SAMSON! Floated around off, Samson gets under it and launches the ball way over long off for a biggie. That’s a massive hit to bring up his three-figure mark. What a knock it has been! High quality stuff. His maiden IPL hundred.21.26 IST: FOUR! CHEEKY! Samson is toying with the bowling. Gets into a premediated position and paddles the full toss well wide of the short fine leg fielder for a boundary. Another boundary to Samson.21.26 IST: SIX! THAT’S DISAPPEARED! Another short ball and this time Samson is ready on the back foot. Nails the pull over deep square leg for a maximum. The bounce was getting big on him but Sanju was equal to the task.21.24 IST: SIX! Sanju Samson welcomes Ashoke Dinda with a mighty six over long off. Overpitched by Dinda and these will vanish in the slog overs. Samson blasts it high over long off for a maximum. What an effort this has been from the Kerala boy! He’s leading the charge in grand fashion. Delhi Daredevils 147/3 (17.1 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21.20 IST: SIX! That’s massive. Samson is playing a quality knock. Delhi Daredevils 138/3 (16.3 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21.16 IST: FOUR! Top shot that. Shortish around middle, Samson shuffles across a bit and pulls it towards the deep backward square leg fence for a boundary. It was an aerial shot but the placement was very good.21.14 IST: WICKET! Rishabh Pant departs for 31. BRILLIANT FROM AGARWAL! Massive wicket for Pune too. It’s a fine yorker outside off, Pant slices it to point and sets off for a quick single. Mayank is quick to attack the ball and fires in a direct hit at the bowler’s end. They aren’t even going to refer it upstairs as Pant was well short. Timely strike for the hosts. Delhi Daredevils 124/3 (15.2 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21.11 IST: SIX! That’s straight and handsome from Sanju Samson. Samson breaks the shackles with a biggie. Floated leg break around off, very full and he launches it straight down the ground. Agarwal at long off thought he had a chance but the ball sailed well over him for a maximum. Brings up the 50-run stand between these two. Good consolidation work! Delhi Daredevils 122/2 (14.5 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21:08 IST: 14 overs gone. DD 112/2. Samson 50*, Pant 31* 21:07 IST: That’s the fifty for Samson.21:05 IST: Ben Stokes back into the attack.21:03 IST: Samson finally playing a good knock and taking the responsibility.BCCI Photo21:01 IST: Four runs from the 13th over and it’s time for the strategic time-out. DD 108/2. Samson 48*, Pant 29* 20:58 IST: 12 overs gone. DD 104/2. Samson 47*, Pant 24*20:55 IST: SIX! BOOM! Pant has decided to shift to top gear. Fuller ball around off, he goes straight again and this time lifts it down the ground over the sightscreen for a maximum. Good thing he is doing here is that he is looking to go straight for the big hits which is always a safe [email protected] continuing his great form from the previous match with another big one.#PantPower #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:54 IST: Another good over. DD 88/2 from 11 overs. Samson 45*, Pant 12*20:54 IST: FOUR! CRUNCHED! First boundary for Pant. Tossed up around middle, overpitched by Zampa and Rishabh won’t miss out. Blasts it past the bowler and hit it so straight that long on had no chance of cutting it off.20:51 IST: Half-way through the innings. DD 81/2 from 10 overs. Samson 44*, Pant 6*#DilliBoys looking to build another solid partnership out there in the middle. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:50 IST: Leading run-scorers in #IPL2017 out injured and sick.20:48 IST: Rajat Bhatia into the attack.20:45 IST: Successful over from Tahir. DD 76/2 from nine overs. Samson 42*, Pant 3*20:44 IST: Imran Tahir now has six wickets and the ‘Purpe Cap’ to his name.#MahirTahir now holds the Purple Cap with 6 wickets in 3 matches! Back him up #Supergiants!  #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201720:43 IST: Rishabh Pant walks into the crease.20:42 IST: OUT! Tahir starts running and you know why he does that! Tahir bowls a leg spin which doesn’t spin and that does the trick for Pune. Billings comes down the track aiming to cut but misses the ball altogether, the ball goes onto crash the off stump.. Billings departs for 24. DD 71/2. Samson 40*20:41 IST: Decent over from Zampa. Eight overs gone. DD 71/1. Samson 40*, Billings 24*20:40 IST: Spinners from both ends. Adam Zampa introduced into the attack.20:38 IST: Seven overs gone. DD 66/1. Samson 36*, Billings 23*20:35 IST: Imran Tahir into the attack.The 7th over begins with #MahirTahir & his epic googly! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD-  RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201720:32 IST: End of the power-play and it’s time for the strategic time-out. DD 61/1 after six overs. Samson 35*, Billings 21* That’s the end of the power play. Our #Dilliboys look solid! #DD 62/1. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:31 IST: FOUR! Length ball and around leg, Billings gets on his toes and tucks it fine for a boundary. Three boundaries in a row. Deepak Chahar must be feeling the pressure now.20:30 IST: FOUR! Funny fielding and a lucky shot. On a length and around off, Billings charges down the track looking to heave it away but the ball finds the inside edge and goes past the short fine leg fielder. Dinda gives it a chase and slides bizarrely but fails to stop the boundary.20:29 IST: FOUR! Billings has joined the party. Shortish delivery and around off, Billings pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. 50 is up for DD .20:27 IST: Eight off the over. DD coming back strong here. DD 47/1 after five overs. Samson 34*, Billings 8*20:24 IST: FOUR! Samson welcomes the tournament’s costliest player with a boundary. Stokes bowls this full and outside off, Samson opens the face of the bat and places it through point for a boundary.#DilliBoy #SanjuSamson is clearly dealing in boundaries now. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:24 IST: Ben Stokes into the attack.20:21 IST: DD 39/1 after four overs. Samson 27*, Billings 7*  #DilliBoys building a partnership now! They look great out there. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:19 IST: FOUR! On a length and outside off, Samson lofts it over covers for a boundary. The Kerala batsman is looking in very good nick. He is putting away all the bad deliveries.20:17 IST: 16 runs from the over. Good one for Delhi. DD 29/1 from three overs. Samson 19*, Billings 6* 20:16 IST: FOUR! Boundaries leaking. On a length and outside off, Sam Billings looks to cut but it takes the outside edge and goes over the first slip for a boundary.20:14 IST: FOUR! Samson is off to a flier. Full length delivery, and outside off, Samson drives it through covers for a boundary.20:13 IST: FOUR! Samson is on fire! Dinda bowls a back of a length delivery and on middle, Samson swivels a bit and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary.20:12 IST: 11 runs and a wicket from the over. DD 13/1 from two overs. Samson 9*, Billings 1*20:11 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries. Bowls this full and outside off, Samson gets his stride forward and slices it through covers for another boundary. The third man had no chance this time around.20:10 IST: FOUR! Beautifully timed. Chahar hurls a length ball and swings it away, Samson waits in his crease and just guides it past point for a boundary. Third man ran across stop it but to no avail.20:08 IST: Sanju Samson walks in.20:06 IST: OUT! He strikes straightaway! Tare goes for a duck. Pune draw first blood. Chahar serves a length ball, outside off, Tare looks to drive it but it takes the outside edge and Dhoni does the rest. Chahar appeals and the umpire raises the dreaded finger. RPS 2/1 from 1.120:05 IST: Good start from Dinda. Only two runs from it. RPS 2/0 from one over. 19:59 IST: Sam Billings and Aditya Tare open the innings for DD while Ashoke Dinda has the ball for RPS19:50 IST: FORM GUIDE: RPS – L W W W L, DD – L L W L L 19:48 IST: In 2016, Du Plessis only played six games ans scored 206 runs at the average of 34.33, which is the highest in his IPL career. 19:46 IST: First game for Du Plessis this year.Faf Du Plessis & Rahul Tripathi will be playing their first #IPL games for us today! Let’s cheer the boys on.  #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:41 IST: The teams.#IPL Match 9 – Here are the Playing XIs of @RPSupergiants & @DelhiDaredevils #RPSvDD IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 201719:39 IST: Unfortunate for the Bengal batsman.Tiwary unfortunately lost his father this morning & won’t be playing today. Sending our wishes to him & his family #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:36 IST: After Matt Renshaw, it’s Steve Smith.#Smithy will not be part of our Playing XI today due to a bad stomach. We hope he gets well soon! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:35 IST: Zaheer Khan says they would’ve fielded first as well. Thinks that the pitch won’t change much in the second innings. Mentions that Delhi are not good starters and they would like to change that here by winning. Says that they have just one change Corey Anderson comes in for Carlos Brathwaite.19:34 IST: Rahane leads Pune for the first time. He says that they will bowl first. Says that it looks a good wicket and opines that dew came in the last game against Mumbai which has forced the decision. Says that Smith is unwell and that’s why he is taking the leadership role today. There are three changes – ZAMPA, FAF and TRIPATHI come in for Tiwary, Smith and Christian.19:31 IST: RPS have won the toss and elected to field first.It’s TOSS time! Our captain for today, #Rahane elects to bowl first. All the best to @DelhiDaredevils ???#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:30 IST: Ajinkya Rahane comes out for the toss as Steve Smith misses out due to upset stomach.Some facts for you.#CricFacts We have won the toss twice against DD, chose to field both times & won both the games. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017The view from the box.Pune…let’s get ready to rock, @RPSupergiants v @DelhiDaredevils #twoexcitingteams @IPL Daren Ganga (@DarenGanga) April 11, 2017MCA is ready.1 Hour to go and the MCA is LIT! LITERALLY!#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD #RPSG #IPL RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017Daredevils captain JP Duminy, who is out of the tournament, is keeping close tabs on his team.All the best to @DelhiDaredevils gonna be a cracker of a game tonight v @RPSupergiants that winning streak is around the corner #DilDilliHai- JP Duminy (@jpduminy21) April 11, 2017Match day 3 and our boys are off to the MCA stadium to take on the @DelhiDaredevils! Game on! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017On paper Rising Pune Supergiant’s batting look far superior to Delhi Daredevils, who have been badly hurt following the injuries to key players like Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy and Angelo Mathews. However, Delhi’s batting line-up has some fantastic group of youngsters who can turn the match around single-handedly. (Dhoni’s chance to show what he is worth)Pune offloaded 11 players from last season, replaced MS Dhoni with Steve Smith as captain, removed an “S” from their name and bought Ben Stokes for a whopping Rs 14.5 crore at the auction in February.Take a look at the #DilliBoys sweating it out during the practice session at Pune. Let’s do this! #DilDilliHai #RPSvDD Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 2017They began their IPL 2017 campaign with a bang as their skipper Smith led from the front and powered Pune to a seven-wicket win against two-time champions Mumbai Indians.However, Pune’s joy was shortlived as they were crushed by ‘Big Show’ Glenn Maxwell, who toyed with the bowlers in Kings XI Punjab’s six-wicket win. (Read full preview here)Delhi, on the other hand, opened their account with a defeat against another injury-hit side Royal Challengers Bangalore. Rishabh Pant overcame a personal grief to play a memorable knock but lacked partners at the other end to take their team to victory.The top order comprising the domestic trio of Aditya Tare, Karun Nair and Sanju Samson fumbled while opener Sam Billings failed to provide the fiery start expected from him.All-rounders Carlos Brathwaite and Chris Morris, too flunked with the willow, when the team needed them the most.However, Delhi have the bowling attack to pick 10 wickets. Zaheer Khan, Morris, Pat Cummins and Shahbaz Nadeem will be key. They also have Kasigo Rabada and Mohammed Shami in their side.For RPS, Rahane, Smith and Stokes have been amongst the runs in the first two matches but they will be worried about the form of opener Mayank Agarwal and Dhoni in particular.With R Ashwin missing, all eyes will be on Imran Tahir, who has been at the top of his form, to shoulder the bowling attack. RPS pacers Ashoke Dinda, Daniel Christian and Stokes have failed to provide the crucial breakthroughs and have been hit all over the park.last_img

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