The exhibition industry website also needs WEB2.0

With the market oriented reform of the exhibition industry and the deepening of the process of opening to the outside world,

is especially the arrival of the world financial tsunami. More and more exhibition enterprises have realized that only rely on past experience is not enough to cope with the increasingly severe competition environment, the system can master the operation rules, exhibition activities can use forward-looking thinking to organize and manage the exhibition has become a key factor in the exhibition enterprises can win the competition. Moreover, the demand of convention and exhibition information, exhibition service information and exhibition information information is more and more big in the exhibition industry, and the speed of information is expected to be accurate and fast.

e-commerce is the combination of information technology and economy, is the use of extensive development of information service, an important means of Deep Mining Exhibition economic value; e-commerce service providers is to provide trading platform for the enterprise, like this group is the exhibition company customers and promotion of the object; electronic commerce network customers considerable and visibility and value-added services.

exhibition once e-commerce, then naturally can not mention WEB2.0. Web2.0 core – is to allow users to participate in all aspects of the site, which is a website operation ideas transformation. Convention and exhibition website is to push all the information and information to all kinds of enterprises in the exhibition industry, so that enterprises can not choose. And Web2.0 is inviting enterprises to participate in the construction of the site, in the exhibition industry, who can understand more than the industry, what kind of services they need, what kind of information?. And once the enterprise is willing to participate in the construction of the website, website operation will be more relaxed, website development is more healthy. 2, whether the website can gather popularity lies in the affinity of the website and the means of word of mouth marketing. 2, web sites can increase the stickiness / affinity of Web sites and visitors, and make it easier to gain access and contributions.

while looking at the domestic conference and exhibition industry website, can say on the Web2.0 basically not. In order to better analyze the importance of Web2.0 in the exhibition website, it is simple to analyze the Web2.0 performance through the bump exhibition network.

information: information has a very important role in the exhibition industry, for users, it allows users to better understand the exhibition industry in the future direction of development, or may gain opportunities, even national guidance, on the development of the industry policy; information for the website itself, first, valuable information can be in other information websites, online community, to directly promote the purpose of the website, the high quality of the information may be reproduced on other websites or in newspapers, so we can obtain the website promotion value; second, valuable information helps to improve user stickiness on the site; third, good information channels for the website it increase your profits, such as increased advertising, specific information content increase text advertising etc..

, but for the website platform itself, it is difficult to get a good source of information, and the "bump exhibition network", with the help of Web2.0, allows the enterprise to participate in the information

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