Talking about the duties of website editors

SEO also has a year’s time, start from the beginning of the editor, now can be independently optimized website, knowledge of SEO skills have been greatly improved, today I want to share with you by website editor ought to do what responsibilities, only a simple operation "CTRL + C" and "CTRL + V" editor of the website is not a qualified editor of the website, the website editor is also need to pay attention to some methods and techniques, such as fine integration and layout of the text editor. In this era of rampant Internet, excellent editors are getting the attention of the majority of SEO companies, they can be said that any website can be protected by the premise of development. As Sina, Baidu, Sohu, NetEase and other Internet giants no longer mining editors every hour and moment, if large website editor without too much consideration SEO, so our small and medium-sized site is necessary to edit a concern. To this end, I hereby introduce some editors must master some skills and skills, in other words, a good website editor should do the website SEO responsibilities.

I think a good web editor must have three things:

first, have a novel title.

if you want to promote the site, the article is just to attract traffic, editors can think of a striking article title, consider how to attract the eye. But I do not mean to suggest that you do "title party". The new title is related to the content so that visitors can be kept, and the statement needs to be innovative. As a recent star event, a newspaper reported "" dream city "Xifeng can also go to the United States bird can be an angel"? So wonderful title, the title of the novel, is the editor needs thorough study of.

second, to grasp the key words in place.

Between the

keyword density 3%-8%, each of which is SEO will know, I believe every website editor will also know, but we are editing control good? Is a good editor in writing when there is no need to deliberately focus on the number of keywords, because Baidu keyword more according to the rules of calculation some excellent articles to develop. The editor, after a long period of writing and writing, is able to achieve a level of writing.

third, have original articles.

we know that search engines prefer new content and tend to give relatively high weights to their original content. It is because the Internet now has a large number of spam messages, so the original high quality content becomes more and more important, search engine will also pay more attention to this article, if a website editor from the outset Kennedy to write original content, then wrote a certain degree, the search engine will be inferred after you this site is original, give you a higher weight, occasionally one or two acquisition of it.

, if a website editor in SEO can do it, >

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