Not afraid of not included, am afraid not to adhere to

Internet economic winter has already arrived, the reality of the financial crisis has been attacked, coupled with the increasingly cold weather, it is difficult for people to optimistic about the bright future, more is infinite worry. In the face of Baidu’s massive ban on garbage sites and other wavering policies and situations, small and medium-sized webmasters are always on the verge of being marginalized. Where exactly is the road?


the webmaster online everywhere how to make money, how to promote the soft posts before, had to sigh really is not only better than quality, and the emergence of a large number of gimmicks and scam that Moonlight blog cried out: network make money by cheating? In some resort to deceit may be temporarily petty profits, but absolutely impossible permanent existence down, as the author analysis that day to earn $500 in non feasibility analysis. In today’s Internet world, ordinary people to do a monthly income of three thousand yuan may be good, you know, from the webmaster friends are engaged in doing a part-time business or most station. We also know that the monthly income of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of webmaster also have to know however, There are plenty of people who, a fact that people do stand for how long, what is the point of innovation, what are the characteristics, what is the competition…… As everyone knows, we know how much these common sense or some secret book, how to use, how long to. All success is frozen three, not a cold day,


, it’s not difficult to build a website. It’s no easy job to promote a website. Artificial propaganda is feasible and effective, but in the long run, it is uneconomical and inconvenient. Therefore, the promotion of search engines is a practical and efficient method. Rich do PPC, money to do SEO optimization. In short, the search engine included enough, ranking enough to rely on before, key words are hot enough to do these three points, but also afraid of no traffic, no popularity, no money,


that being said, it’s easy to move, and the method is easy to handle. How about, such a simple truth, and the webmaster how long to keep down? Can say there are some webmaster, do stand from the date is a kind of play mentality, or only for the short term can make money on the line, do not want to think long-term development of the site. Therefore, business in this mentality website exists these problems, most of the.CN domain and is not easy to memory, the website name registration period is one year, the purchase of the site space low stability, network promotion methods excluding the means and so on. Most of these cases are not conducive to the collection of search engines, on the contrary, some will be greatly reduced right, or even stop.


search engine, Baidu is in Chinese to allow all doubt, but this does not mean that other search engines are not important, if you do Google included with the ranking, flow also attracted considerable. Take the author’s personal forum, for example, read the world horse grassland forum, Site:macaoyuan.c>

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