Some thoughts on operating local portal websites

in the Internet market has been so complete under the condition of the new local portal with what to find their own survival? And the marketing strategy and means in which the authority of the portal hand to grab a share of the new local portal site? How to go on the road of rapid profit realized the new local portal site? I will take the three main problems with their own experiences and ideas and to share and discuss, hope for some help.

first, let the new local portal to find itself in the world.

a lot of people may think that the competition with big portals such as yiluanjidan, in fact. Personally, I think the big portal,

The advantages of

web site lie in its size, and its weakness lies in its size. If you go to Baidu search, just search a local portal, the first row in the home is often some unknown small companies or personal webmaster website, not Sina or the Sohu local sub station.

integrated front, which gives the local website survival and development of space. Because of the large portal the news is for the whole country, and the local portal is mainly local information and news release, very local characteristics and geographical advantages, the advantages and visitors, there is an invisible "intimacy" and "sense of belonging".

second, how does a local portal quickly find its foundation?

first of all, as a local forum, we must make local characteristics, according to different regions, people’s cultural background and lifestyle habits, set up a unique plate for everyone to communicate with. Such as the northwest people prefer eating pasta, so we can set up a how to cook pasta plate, if in front of Chongqing about dessert cooking skills is be inopportune or inappropriate.

secondly, as far as possible accurate positioning of the crowd, through authentication, only allow local people to join the community.

this is a very important point, a major feature of local forum is to find a large number of villagers, if a local portal allows any local people to join, jumbly also is in the nature of the local community has lost the value of existence, therefore, I suggest that in the premise of not affecting the website operation as far as possible under the strict screening verify that the user.

finally, the new community can regularly organize offline activities to promote communication and familiarity among members.

many owners also blindly immersed in the network marketing is the qualitative of Internet marketing thinking, in fact, the essence of marketing, is aimed at people’s publicity and promotion, where people can carry out promotion, can promote. For example, we can have regular dinners or mountain climbing and so on. On the one hand to everyone’s interaction, the more important one is to enhance the community platform in the minds of the value of interactive activities, there is a party, there is a lot of photos and travel notes and impressions post, this post may become the important contents of this community, "

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