We must know sub domain and directory selection

in the early stage of the establishment of the time, most of the webmaster friends in order to make the site more professional, so choose to remember subdomain. For example, forums, news, etc., but we may not know how to disperse the weight of the site, optimize more difficult, but let us not worth the candle. Today, we’ll talk about the differences and choices between domain names and directories.

sub domain: first, for example: XXX.com is a domain name, also called the domain name, and extending from the level of the domain name www.XXX.com, bbs.XXX.com, news.XXX.com and so on are the two level domain name, also called XXX.com sub domain. We are accustomed to using WWW as the main site domain name, in fact, they are the same level. One thing to understand is that the first level domain name and these two level domain names are independent websites.

Directory: www.XXX.com/news, www.XXX.com/bbs and so on, is purely part of the two domain name www.XXX.com, also known as a part of the site.

the two above I introduce their respective advantages and disadvantages, the weight slightly sub domain high some, because most of the time the search engine will put the subdomain as a site’s home page, from the URL point of view, the weight of sub domain than the directory and natural ranking ability slightly higher, but from the SEO optimization point of view, I suggest you use the directory. Because they are completely different websites, whether they are first class domain names or two level domain names. We usually do when the chain will only do WWW, it means that there is no relationship with other sub domain, if you want to do a few sub domain at the same time, the promotion you must also do a few times, whether it is the PR value, or weight will be several sub domain dispersion, a subdomain by outside the construction of the chain to get high weight, not on behalf of other sub domains have weight, sub domain can make your site more variable, each sub domain will share the contents of the site less, if you use the directory, only WWW, our website will be bigger and bigger, the content has a lot of natural, more favorable to SEO.

remember, once I received a talent exchange links request, of course, are generally WWW, a look at this site included only 300, I politely refused him. But he confidently said that we are mostly included in the subdomain job, I see it, subdomain job included nearly 10 thousand. This just understands, he thinks, as long as the domain name is extended by the main domain name belongs to a site, the fact is quietly opposite. And I change with him, just site www. You think about it, he usually do the chain is WWW, and subdomain job, but there is no relationship, and most of the content of the site in the subdomain job, in many aspects of SEO optimization is just in vain.

of course, this is only for general websites. In some cases, subdomain names are more appropriate. For example, the site has enough content, like Sina, >

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