BEACH HANDBALL WCH 2016 Best ever on Margitsziget

Budapest, organiser of next Beach Handball World Championship held the draw for the mentioned championship.Teams were groupd to 6 qualitative pots with 2 teams in each. Drawing order were from the pot 6 up to the top and only “anomaly” in the draw was fact that, according to the IHF rules, it is possible that host team, in the last step of the draw, choose one of two groups.Draw, In male competition, “delivered” best ranked teams from previous BH WCh in Recife 2014 by ranking order: golden Brazil and 3rd Qatar to group A, while members of group B will be the runner-up Croatia and 5th team from Recife – Spain (4th Denmark and 6th Serbia didn’t qualify for VII BH WCh).  Group A is completed with teams of Ukraine, Egypt, USA (only NT that will have debut on the WCh in male, while the same situation is with girls of Tunisia) and Bahrain.Beside CRO and ESP, teams of Hungary, Oman, Uruguay and Australia will play in group B.In female competition group A will consist of teams of ITA, ESP, THA, ARG, AUS and host HUN that prefered this instead of group B  with NOR, POL, URU, TPE, TUN and as consequence of HUN choise –  with BRA.Expectations of all Beach Handball and Handball community is that following WCh will be the best ever and fantastic showcase of popularity and quality of this sport. We beleive it will be good invitation to come to Budapest (July 12 till 17) to watch competition on Marget sziget, or at least to do it via Internet (www.beachhandball2016) or TV.TEXT: X.Q ← Previous Story Vote for ADRIATIC WORLD YOUNG FEMALE HANDBALL PLAYER 2015/2016 Next Story → Xavi Pascual to lead Romania until Tokyo 2020? Beach handballBudapest beach handball

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