Black Friday Sears Kmart Open on Thanksgiving

first_imgRetailers have become infamous over the past few decades fortheir constant expansion of the “holiday shopping season.” That expansion hasbeen furthered in past years by increased competition from online retailoutlets. The question then, at this point, is where to go from here?Well, with Black Friday being the the focal point of theseason, the answer seems obvious: Thanksgiving. Why not get a jump on theretail push by making all of your employees come into work when they should beat home, eating food with their families?Kmart did so last year, and plans to do it again in 2010.This year Sears is joining in. The old school department store is offering anumber of deals on the Sunday through Wednesday leading up for the holiday(like $800 off a 46 inch Sony HDTV).On Thaksgiving Day, the company will be offering one dayonly deals from manufacturers like Panasonic, Zenith, and RCA. Kmart will beoffering TV deals on Turkey Day, as well, including a $500 46 inch PanasonicHDTV.last_img

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