Parents name baby girl Like after Facebook button

first_imgWe’ve heard of parents choosing baby names by available URLs, and we’ve also heard of a couple naming their bundle of joy after a very popular social networking site, but today’s news of the latest tech-inspired baby name is up there in the weird category.As if naming your child Facebook wasn’t bad enough, as the Egyptian couple mentioned above did, an Israeli couple just named their baby girl “Like” after the Facebook Like button.AdChoices广告According to, parents Lior and Vardit Adler chose not to go with the most popular girls’ names in Israel right now — Noa, Maya, and Tamar — and instead go for a more unconventional approach.The father said it’s important for him to give his children names that aren’t used anywhere else — at least not in Israel. Their first two children have unique names as well. One is named Dvash, which means honey in Hebrew, and the other is named Pie. This can get confusing because I like pie, and so do a lot of other people, so this means there’s a “Who’s on First” scenario just waiting to happen.The name wasn’t meant to be a gimmick or a way to make money from Facebook. The father said the word “like” had a “nice and international ring to it.” He added that Facebook had become the icon of today’s generation, but so did disco in the 70s, and you didn’t see anyone naming their kid Mirror Ball.Perhaps she can add a “y” and a “k” to the name and be called Lykke, like Swedish indie singer Lykke Li. It still has that nice “like” sound that her father likes so much.Besides Like being associated with a Facebook button, it’s also a word overly used in today’s speech. Linguistics classes teach that people use the word “like” instead of pausing in a sentence. Sometimes people use “um,” or “you know,” but young people in the U.S. have a tendency to overuse “like.” I don’t know if it’s as much of a problem in Israel as it is here, but if so, she’s in store for a lot of head turning when she hears what she thinks is her name.As a Jennifer, I know the woes of having eight Jens, Jennys, and Jennifers in your grade, but I’d rather share the same name with someone than share the name of a button people click on when an inappropriate YouTube video posted on Facebook makes them chuckle.Via Haaretz, photo via Etsylast_img

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