Sega Mega Drive goes mini the pintsized retro console wars are here

first_img Sonic’s Twitter feed is better than most Sonic games.<><> A couple weeks back Nintendo announced that they’d be putting the 31 year-old NES back into production — as a miniaturized console with 30 pre-loaded games. Well, now Sega wants to bring one of its retro consoles back from the dead. The officially licensed mini-Mega Drive will sport 80 stored games and let you plug in your original cartridges. Sounds great, right? Well, as always, there’s a catch.For one, the mini-Mega Drive won’t be manufactured by Sega. It’s an “officially licensed” product, not exactly the real deal. And as GamesRadar reported, the manufacturer, AtGames has a reputation for producing less-than-stellar retro consoles. Best known for consoles like the Atari Flashback and the generically named “Classic Game Console,” At Games’s emulation is janky to say the least.Worse still for some is that the mini-Mega Drive doesn’t support HDMI out. You’ll have to find a display compatible with the old composite outputs, and even then composite just doesn’t look quite right on LED displays. Older games were designed and intended for CRT monitors, and while new emulations will always look a bit strange on anything else, designing from the ground-up for play on newer hardware (as is Nintendo’s plan with the NES Classic) can help mitigate that somewhat. But AtGames’ previous work doesn’t inspire much confidence.If you’re curious, there’s a ton of videos on YouTube showing how… not great AtGames’ systems are. Be warned though, most of them follow the Angry Video Game Nerd format of loud and angry rants. They get the point across, but they can be kinda grating.Lastly, the fun-sized Mega Drive will only be available in Europe (for now at least), and it retails for the same price as the Nintendo Classic: £50. If you’re still looking to buy because you just have to play some old Sega classics you can pre-order the system at Funstock. Celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary by playing the only good Sonic thing that isn’t a Twitter feed.last_img

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