What to Look Forward to in Entertainment in 2017

first_img Here’s an unpopular opinion: 2016 was a terrible year. Please hold your comments until the end, thank you.The world seemed to crumble this year. Whether you agree or not, you can still see the effects in the tweets, Facebook status updates, and the eyes of people you interact with. People are sullen and pessimistic. It seemed as if all of our childhood heroes (and a number of geek icons) passed this year too, which only brings us down even more. Was it the worst year on record?Can’t answer a rhetorical question, but 2016 was a banner year for pop culture, at least. Films and TV shows were plentiful and sometimes overwhelming, but they did bring us joy. I think about how Stranger Things engulfed me for two days, and I remember that 2016 wasn’t so bad.Even better was that the news gave me even more things to look forward to. In 2017, some adaptations and reboots are hitting our screens. We’ll finally get the culmination of Marvel’s Netflix universe, and we’ll see if DC can pull off a decent film. We’ll get our first Star Trek series in a decade! Being a geek has never been better, and 2017 is just going to be another year to supplement that.So here are some of the things I’m excited to see in 2017. I’ve listed my most anticipated movies and television shows in no particular order, along with some predicted pop culture phenomenon and trends that satisfy my need to push my loves on to the world.TV ShowsAmerican GodsThis one is kind of obvious, isn’t it? It’s a new series based on one of the most popular modern fantasy writers’ weirder books. Neil Gaiman wrote something full of perverse and grotesque acts, international references, and one of the most obvious but intricate worlds in the Gaiman lexicon, and it was only a matter of time before it was adapted for the screen. After coming off of the equally obtuse Hannibal, Bryan Fuller couldn’t have been a better choice for showrunner, and its cast is out of control (Ian McShane, Ricky Whittle, and Gillian Anderson alone make this worth the watch). For better or worse, Game of Thrones ushered in a new wave of fantasy TV when it debuted on HBO, and American Gods might be the only one I’ve been excited for since.Twin PeaksWill we find out how Annie is doing? Will there be some damn fine coffee? What about Bob? These are the important questions that David Lynch has to answer for the third season of this cult show, which is airing on Showtime in 2017.LegionThe X-Men franchise is at a crossroads. After some inconsistent films–six main ones, three spinoffs and another on the way–20th Century Fox needs to figure out what their superhero brand is going to look like. Is it going to go the way of Deadpool, or X-Men: Apocalypse? I’ll talk about Logan more below, but it seems as if we’ll be getting more mature, abstract, and darker additions. Legion takes one of the X-Men universe’s most powerful and psychologically disturbed characters and gives him his own show, which will be worth a viewing whether it’s good or not. What will the face of X-Men look like following 2016?Plus, I want to see which one of Legion’s 50+ personalities will make it into the FX show. I’m betting on the centaur and the Eldritch being.A Series of Unfortunate EventsAs the years go on, it becomes clear the Jim Carrey film from 2004 is probably what the Baudelaire orphans would’ve received if they had gone to the movies in their world. It has the look you’d expect, but it’s empty, mostly acting as a vehicle for Carrey to make weird noises. The new Netflix series takes out the Carrey and replaces him with Neil Patrick Harris, which is already an improvement. The rest of the cast–Patrick Warburton, Alfre Woodard, XXXX–is just a bonus that will lure us into watching this depressing tale of orphans, conspiracies, and murder. Its marketing alone is closer to the unique source material than the original film was, and that keeps us excited.A Handmaid’s TaleIn a post-2016 world, we’ll need another reminder that Margaret Atwood’s classic sci-fi, dystopian novel is still too real. A world where women don’t have agency over their bodies or their lives? That can never happen.Star Trek: DiscoveryIt’s a new Star Trek show. We’re obviously checking it out. A diverse cast? Now we’re interested.MoviesThe LEGO Batman MovieThis is the Batman we deserve. In 2016, we got a murderous, brooding Batman, one that screwed his surrogate daughter, and another that made us remember that corny, slightly out of shape Batman is desperately needed. It’s time we were able to enjoy Batman again.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Baby Groot! A soundtrack with Sweet on it! A living planet!A Cure for WellnessI saw the first 30 minutes of this, and I’m calling it now. This movie is going to be the next Devil’s Advocate. It’s got everything: a main character with a terrible Californian, dudebro accent. It’s got people in power suits spouting the most ridiculous pieces of screenwriting (look out for “have you ever been fucked by a 12-inch black dick”), a conspiracy, and, most importantly, some sort of message on the danger of wealth and the corrupting nature of power. I’m getting my garbage can ready for the screening so that I can jump into it once it’s done.LoganThis is another film where I was privileged enough to see the first act. The difference between this and A Cure for Wellness is that it might actually be good. It’s less of an X-Men movie and more of a Western with mutant powers on the periphery, but it has enough comic book elements to create an almost perfect balance. It’s grim, but the fight scenes are full of life, and take full advantage of its R rating with plenty of blood and visceral, ear-ringing punches. The scene where you see Laura Kinney in action for the first time is worth the price of admission alone.Spider-Man: HomecomingTom Holland is adorable and precious, and Michael Keaton as the Vulture looks terrifying. You’ve seen the trailer. You should know I squeal a bit every time I see it. It’s just that good.The Dark TowerI tried to read this series back in the day. I got through the first two books, got too bogged down by lore, character introductions, and an unmoving plot, and gave up. I always wanted to get into the series, though. I love the idea that Stephen King wrote a meta, high fantasy story and didn’t hold back. The movie, which is a fanfiction sequel of sorts to the books, could be what I needed to get into it without dedicating my life to trudging through seven gigantic books.Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsAfter Suicide Squad, Cara Delevigne deserves better. We’ve gotten plenty of space operas in the past couple of years, but I don’t mind one more, especially one by Luc Besson, who at the very least makes movies gorgeous. Stay on target Solar Energy Outpaced Fossil Fuels in 20174 New Gadgets You Should’ve Bought in 2017 last_img

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