How to ensure more customer service in summer

season is different, the time is different, the service will be different, if you want to service has been very in place, naturally need to take certain business strategy. Recently, Shandong Ji’nan hot and rainy, is a test of working out a long-term customer manager. So, how should the customer manager to adjust their work, to ensure that customer service in place? The author believes that, from the point of detail, specifically divided into the following three aspects:

First of all, to guide the reasonable retail

. As temperatures rise, some commodity sales slow down. More rain in summer, some commodities are also susceptible to moisture, mildew. At this time, the customer manager according to the characteristics of the summer consumption, to guide the retail customers should be seasonal commodity reserves, for the easy occurrence of moldy goods reasonable stocking, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. In addition, we must remind retail customers to ensure that seasonal commodities fresh, timely replacement of goods.

secondly, to help retail customers to maintain the store image. During the visit, the account manager will assist the retail customers in the maintenance of the merchandise display and price tag. Many people used to enjoy the cool air, guangzhebangzi. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the image of the store, the customer manager must promptly remind retail customers to pay attention to summer clothing, maintaining the overall image of the store.

again, to retail customers timely delivery of consumer information. Summer is the peak of the feast held, the customer manager to help retail customers pay close attention to this type of information, and promptly inform the retail customers to further tap the potential for consumption, and promote the sale of goods.

changes in the weather, it is true that we can not do a lot of services in place, but the difficulty is that we need to find ways to overcome their own, so as to get a higher service accreditation. So, if you are a customer manager, you want to ensure that in the summer when the customer service is in place, these three aspects of the work may be done in place.

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