How much is enough to open a clothing store

how much does it cost to open a clothing store? This is a question we all have. For many people, this is a piece of the budget is more concerned about. Xiaobian feel that the amount of investment in the clothing to join depends on their own strength! There can be more investment, you can invest in a small block of small business! Here’s a look at the clothing to join the relevant matters!

four means: 1 count funds 2 renovation funds 3 display props (shelves, racks, and other models) 4 clothing store opened last capital goods.

says the store transfer costs, as well as the initial cost of rent (probably 6 months may be 1 months, specifically you negotiate). Maybe sometimes brought forward any owner the remaining payment. Talking about the renovation, as long as not too high, take general area, about 30 square of the house the following simple decoration between 3000-5000 yuan, of course, if more high-grade materials, more luxurious, the cost of luxury more natural. 40 to 100 square feet of the house may need about 1W.

props, the shelf is big, of course, simple shop, props is not much money. The second is the model, a cost is not small, low price in 200 (see past) to thousands of dollars, followed by the hanger books ah, ah, ah ah, and other details of the broom mop, are in need of money. The last thing is to open a clothing store funds, the problem also see more, especially the first batch of goods.

The application of

actually want to do the business of clothing stores, in addition to the budget to do the planning, the location and operation is also very important.     Xiaobian introduce these, I believe you should have to understand, if you have investment ideas, now a positive action, Xiaobian want to say that only action will have the result. >

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