Software engineer resigned to return home online selling lychee rich local

now there are a lot of home business, at the same time, some of the more successful in the big city people also hope to use their abilities to help the home building, for the benefit of its own hometown, now is the home business has become a social trend.

litchi is better sell, have added value. To this end, he developed a selenium lychee, in order to expand sales channels, he opened a shop in Taobao, founded the site, but also opened the WeChat public account.

summer Jiaoyangsihuo. Known as the "Chinese litchi township" title of Guangxi Lingshan County, hanging branches of the litchi like patches of red.

in the new town of Nalong Tamura, where Yangguang deftly trimmed the litchi spike, busy awfully. He will be more than and 200 pounds of lychee sub box, issued to the order of the Taobao buyers.

white-collar transformation for farmers, the development of Se litchi

This product

"products to sell at a good price, must have its own characteristics and advantages, to find the value of litchi." Years of urban life so that He Yangguang knows the sales concept.

reference in other areas, as well as apple se rich rice planting se bayberry cultivation method, He Yangguang will try to strengthen selenium in biological technology applied to planting to. Litchi mature, he sent the fruit to a special testing center, the results show that the content of selenium in the submission of 20 micrograms / kg recommended

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