Women do poineering work the two times the greatest difficulty from internal to well prepared

for female entrepreneurs, the failure is not terrible, adjust the mentality to stand up, the same can be successful. The day before, as a speaker to Beijing to participate in the theme of "entertainment and adolescent" 2005 Chinese Youth Social Education Forum of the American cable television channel of female founder, President and CEO of Media Oxygen  Geraldine · Lei Boen (Geraldine  Lay-bourne) and MS. Beijing dodo culture art limited company chairman Wang Shuqi, Beijing Yingzhibao automotive sales service limited company chairman Li Ying female two undertaking the topic of the dialogue.

the greatest difficulty for the first time entrepreneurial women, often encounter a lack of funds, the project experience and problems, and for the two pioneering women from family to society to the workplace, it is difficult and the biggest obstacle from your heart.

select the appropriate project to start with three successful female entrepreneurs

: female and male gender, mode of thinking and logical characteristics are not the same. Li Ying said that women consider many aspects of the problem, pay more attention to detail, and macro thinking and long-term planning ability is not so strong. From this point of view, women entrepreneurs should choose their own projects to start.

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