He changed his identity from the shooting range to the entrepreneurial field

he is shooting champion, but also college students, but also a business owner, these three identities belong to Wu Mingming. He used personal persistence and perseverance, dare to think for, and ultimately won the envy of others entrepreneurial achievements.

"gifted and hardworking", this is the evaluation of Wu Mingming people around.

grew up in rural upbringing, let him early on to understand "the poor children early masters" adage meaning. "In 2007, I went to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu and other places, to sell the phone, do housekeeping, wash the toilet." Wu Mingming said he is fundamentally a restless man.

"driving school, find Mingming; learn the computer, find a part-time job, obviously; find something, find it clearly". This campus advertising clearly engraved Wu Mingming campus entrepreneurial trail

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