What should be done when business is difficult

now just talk about doing business, although this is still a lot of people’s dream, but there are people who have experienced only one word summary, it is difficult"! In recent years, the crisis has been said everywhere, especially the various costs, business is difficult to do. According to common sense, this seems to be a matter of course, the market environment is not good, business is difficult to do normal. And the next, that is, how to analyze the face, take what measures should be for everyone to learn, explore, and so on.

actually, in this matter, the focus should be our attitude towards the business itself.

indeed, the current business is not good to do. However, who said that the business must be smooth sailing? The nature of the business is profitable, but profitability is the key to "rob", rather than "make money".

can be in the minds of many bosses, the business is still stuck in the idea of making money. What they seek is often to make money easily and long. Obviously, this is not possible.

most people think of this idea at least reflects the following aspects:

1. "inert thinking" avoids difficulties

fundamentally speaking, people’s subconscious is lazy. But as a boss, we must strictly control their own inert thinking. If you still want to make a comfortable living, don’t be the boss. This market is changing faster and faster is an inevitable trend, the market competition is more and more intense is inevitable, which forced the bosses to their subconscious of those lazy factors as far as possible to clear out. Only in this way can we ensure the survival and future development of today.

and now a lot of bosses have been in the past, those who have a good time to make money easily, or wishful thinking that the market can become orderly, some of the more competitive norms, it is unrealistic.

2. habitually shirk responsibility

many people are good at, the most interesting thing is to find excuses for yourself". The difficulties encountered, the first reaction is not a new opportunity in where, or is the solution where, but find a lot of reasons: fierce competition, market weakness, poor quality of staff, customers do not match, consumer spending and so on. That is to say, business is not good to do with the boss and nothing to do, are caused by external factors.

3. money is earned, or rob?

, arguably, doing business is to make money, in fact, should be "money". Many of the current market oversupply, the market is not short of anything, in order to make money, just to meet the needs of consumers have long been the idea

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