How Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut gives gamers closure

first_imgThe internet came as close as it’s ever been to exploding with rage when angry gamers began fuming about the bizarre endings of Mass Effect 3, the final chapter in a much-beloved franchise. There were a myriad of complaints and examples of inconsistencies. Basically, the game ended too abruptly, disclosing almost none of the consequences of your final decision, and most of what we saw was identical across the board. The just-released free Extended Cut DLC adds the details to set your mind at ease, and here’s how. It should go without saying, there are spoilers ahead.Bioware tweaked parts of the late game to shore up some logical problems, like getting your team off Earth’s surface. There is also a little more to that neat space battle sequence. Things start to change when Shepard meets the mysterious child AI. In the original, the child had almost no information, but now you can quiz it extensively.AdChoices广告You can learn the basics of what will happen with each of the three endings, as well as the nature of the Reapers, Catalyst, and Crucible. Obviously, this was all added to appease super-fans that just wanted the facts. You don’t need to go through all the dialog options, but I appreciate the option.The three endings are still essentially the same — they have little to do with the choices you made in the games up to that point. This was one of the main complaints with the original ending, but the care each of them is now treated with makes up for that, in my opinion. Each ending is followed by a sequence, narrated by one of the main characters as the future effects on the galaxy are laid out.If you want to play through and experience the endings yourself, skip the next two paragraphs. If you’re just a curious onlooker, it probably won’t make much sense.The control ending now leads to a sequence where an immortal, non-corporeal Shepard guards the galaxy as master of the Reapers. This one gave me chills. The synthesis ending is expanded upon by EDI, the ship’s AI, as she explains that by merging organics and machines, Shepard gave his life and kicked off a golden age for all beings. This ending is, frankly, a little heartwarming.The destruction ending may be the most unexpected. Admiral Hackett tells you how all organics band together after the destruction of synthetic life. At the very end, you get a hint that Shepard has survived against all odds. Wow! There is also a secret ending added just for the extended cut. This so-called “refusal” ending is just Shepard rage-quitting and letting the cycle continue. Everyone dies, and we see a message recorded by Dr. Tsoni imploring future civilizations to learn from their mistakes and defeat the Reapers.Many players were calling for a complete rewrite of the endings. They wanted more concrete results, tie-ins with past choices, and a fuller explanation of the Reapers. What Bioware did instead was to make us understand the original intention. The endings that everyone hated are still technically there, but now that I understand them, I’m satisfied and I think you’ll be too.If video games are art, and I think they are, we cannot call for complete rewrites to the vision we’re presented with. In this case, Bioware stuck to its guns and it worked. Instead of giving in to popular pressure, the Mass Effect team reminded us why we loved the characters and stories in the first place. Although, the stargazer sequence at the very end still confuses me.The fabulous writing in these new extended cuts makes Mass Effect 3 the cohesive whole it was always meant to be. Bioware gave me closure, and it turns out that’s all I needed.last_img

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