Qualcomms Inductive Charging Road Lets ShortRange EVs Go On Long Trips

first_img Aston Martin Will Build You Your Very Own Supervillain LairSony Crammed a 9-Inch Touchscreen Into a Single-DIN Car Stereo Stay on target Electric toothbrushes have used inductive chargers for years. More recently, phone and tablet makers started building the tech into their devices. Today, several companies are working on using inductive chargers to juice up EVs.Qualcomm is one of them. But while many of the systems you may have seen charge vehicles while they’re parked, Qualcomm’s keeps them topped off while they’re rolling down the road.They’re looking at different ways of combating range anxiety as part of a project they’ve labeled with the acronym FABRIC. It stands for Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles. Cut them some slack… Good, straightforward acronyms are hard to come up with these days, and FAADOORCSFFEV doesn’t have a great ring to it.One solution they’re experimenting with is the inductive road you see at the top of this post. The charging elements are tucked into a pad that runs down the middle section of the road. Guide your compatible EV along it or, presumably, let its autonomous driving AI take care of staying on course, and you can cruise along comfortably knowing that you’ll have enough power to reach your destination.Built into a long stretch of interstate, Qualcomm’s inductive road could allow EVs that were mostly intended for short daily commutes to go on relaxing, extended weekend drives. That’s where the system has the most potential to make a difference. Qualcomm notes that it wouldn’t make a significant impact if used in areas where shorter drives are the norm.One major hurdle that has to be overcome before we’ll be taking advantage of an inductive road. It’s a tad on the expensive side right now. Things in the EV world are changing at an incredibly rapid pace, though, and Korea actually did something similar for electric buses four years ago… so it could happen sooner than we think.last_img

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