Karlsruhe Germany 25 October 2014 FFWPU Germany

first_imgKarlsruhe, Germany, 25. October 2014FFWPU Germany: A half-day workshop on the topic of ‘non- violent communication’ took place in a hotel in Karlsruhe. Bernd Bötel, the presenter is a trainer for non-violent communication skills and lives in Munich; he offered this workshop free of charge. We had made contact with Bernd through a friend of ours, a professor from Karlsruhe who had attended a 2 day principle seminar in Camberg some weeks previously.Rüdiger Gräber moderated the event and greeted the 15 participants. We were very happy to welcome 10 guests, of which 5 were attending one of our events for the first time. We were joined by two of our members from Stuttgart, and another guest traveled all the way from Waldshut, on the Swiss border.The workshop started with a round of introductions, and each participant expressed what he or she hoped to gain from the afternoon. Then Bernd explained the theory of non-violent communication.Non-violent communication, after the model from Marshall Rosenberg, describes how we can express our needs without attack or reproach and how we can understand the needs of another without feeling guilty. It entails developing an internal attitude free of moral judgment, focusing on feelings and needs, both our own and those of the other.We then engaged in role-play, using examples contributed by our guests, and could experience how to defuse and resolve conflict in a non-violent manner.In closing, the participants expressed that they had gained much from the seminar. It had expanded our understanding and it was remarkable that Bernd could deal with such a complex topic in such an impressive and comprehensive manner in only 3 hours.Many have a tool to use for their own situation, be it in the marriage/partnership relationship or in the place of employment. And those who had traveled a distance expressed that the long journey to Karlsruhe had been very worthwhile. One guest said that: ‘well done’ could well describe the event.last_img

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