The way to success — cherish the competition

in life, we are often afraid of competition, afraid of competition, but a lot of successful people, from people, but will tell you that your competitors, is a booster for your success, cherish your competitors, you can make faster and better success!

the fight, if the hero often encounter, not harm, although the scene played lively work for each master, and the heart is actually mutual love, mutual respect, people like us as a true hero. Because they see their shadow in the opponent, with the hero, there will be a basis for understanding, with the premise of mutual respect. Cherish the opponent is to cherish themselves, tolerance opponent is the performance of self-esteem. A real match opponent, is a very rare resources, in a sense, it is covered with their existence, the most intense struggle, is both the most brilliant, once one party dies, the other will also decline, unless he can be reborn, or find new the opponent.

the opponent is an important reference, you prove the existence value of existence opponent. Over the years, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, McDonald’s and KFC, Kodak and Fuji, Microsoft and sun, the world’s most famous companies, it seems never stopped fighting. One of the objective effect of the battle, is the eye of the world are attracted to him, no matter how much Mccann chicken fast food industry, kicken wheat, Kemki, only sound in the corner, the middle stage, always only two characters, that is McDonald’s and KFC, only they can match each other the opponent.

so ambitious people will not look on the side of trivial things, and not those weaker than you contest, but will not put the loser knocked to the ground, and set foot on one foot.

hatred can not solve the problem, can only make you sick.

, Xiaobian to martial arts as an example, reveals the importance of value competition for you, hope you in the business, not afraid of competition, don’t fear pressure better to success!